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Summer Art Camp FAQ

1. Where is The Art Studio NY summer camp located?
The day camp @ The Art Studio NY is located in our main art studios on the Upper West Side. Our address is 145 West 96 Street, Suite #1B, between Amsterdam & Columbus. We have two art studios overflowing with all of the professional art supplies, easels, and creative tools anyone could ever dream of!

2. Are art supplies included in the cost of the camp? What type of supplies do you use?
All art supplies are included in the cost of the camp. We use a wide variety of art supplies, including but not limited to: acrylic paints, tempera paints, watercolor paints, ink, drawing pencils, charcoal, oil pastels, chalk pastels, collage, stretched canvases, a variety of art papers, and arts & crafts materials. We use non-toxic art materials and are well ventilated.

3. How many children and staff are in each group?
We love to keep our art camp groups small so that we can provide one-on-one instruction and encouraging attention to each child. There is an average of 10 kids in each group for children ages 4-11. For kids 7 and under, there is one art instructor, one yoga/dance/movement instructor, and one camp assistant per group of 10 children. For every 10+ group, there is one art instructor and one studio camp assistant per 9 kids/teens.

4. What makes The Art Studio NY different from other art programs?
Each child is nurtured individually with unique and tailor-made instruction and encouragement. We offer children the opportunity to learn and grow as they celebrate their creative spirit. The Art Studio NY’s instructors are tremendously warm, caring and loving to every artist who enters our studio.
We treat our art students, children and adults alike, like our family, and we want our studio to
feel like a second home to you. You matter to us, and we want you to thrive “on and off the canvas”
in your art journey and in your life journey.

5. My child loves to draw, but he hasn’t painted that much. Does he have to do every project, or can he branch out and do his own projects?
We encourage children to express their interests and needs, and much of our curriculum is based on the feedback you and your child provides before our camp begins. Often, when we encourage children to try new art techniques, projects and materials, they are thrilled that they discovered a new mode of artistic expression. There are times, however, that a child really wants to stick with a specific genre of art or a specific art supply, and in this case, we are very flexible to what will make your child feel happiest.

6. My child is a total beginner at art. Is that OK and will she fit in? What is the typical artistic level of each child?
We welcome every level and background at The Art Studio NY. It is our belief and practice that every person, regardless of age or experience, has artistic talent and can benefit greatly from artistic expression. Through our unique artistic teaching method, we are able to nurture the inner-artist in total beginners and very advanced artists alike. Because our instruction is so personalized to each child, a potential range of artistic experience is celebrated and is very exciting to the entire group. We welcome every level.

7. My child will submit a portfolio for middle school/high school/college. Will you do art projects that can be used for a portfolio?
Absolutely. We have welcomed many budding artists who are preparing a portfolio for the future, and the artwork that we create will be an excellent fit for a potential future portfolio.

8. How do I register my child for your camp?
Our registration process is very easy and can be done online. Simply click on the link associated with your child’s age group and press “SIGN UP NOW”. By filling out your registration form and making your payment, your spot will be reserved for you.