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Whether you started painting at age 1 or age 100, you can always learn and take away something from the process of creating. It really doesn't matter if you started using crayons or oils, pencils or brushes, or even if you began finger painting! The process of making art makes you FEARLESS. You may not have noticed how creativity is a form of risk taking, so we've rounded up some ideas. Feel free to send us more ways that ART has made you fearless. Contact us.

               Painting for the Next Level

Artwork by Gary Young from Painting for the Next Level


Have you ever made a painting, spent countless hours on it, and you're still unhappy with it? You don't want to waste a good canvas, so you decide to paint ALL over it and start over. Luckily you can do this with acrylic painting, but you took a risk that you would erase the painting you weren't happy with for something you hope will be even better. When we overcome our fears in real life, we sometimes have to get rid of what isn't working in our life, and make room for what will work.


Sometimes you can't start over. Your painting is far along, you made a weird line or circle that isn't so round, and you're stuck. You decide to turn the weird lines into something beautiful, maybe you can paint over a certain part, make another part larger... You are turning that lemon into lemonade. Learning how to adjust to the challenges in life requires some "creativity." Painting makes you realize that whatever messy paint life throws at you, you can overcome these challenges. This definitely helps you become more fearless and accepting of the bumps in life. 


Showing someone your artwork can be like letting someone read your diary, or public speaking (most people rather die)! AH... so scary, but sharing your artwork with others and letting them into your "creative soul" helps you overcome these fears. It makes you a more open person. You express yourself onto the canvas, and can let others look at your painting, while overcoming the fear of caring what they think about your creation/your soul. 

Can you think of more ways that ART makes you fearless? When did you start taking ART CLASSES? Have art classes at The Art Studio NY helped you overcome certain fears or anxieties? 

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