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Teach your child how to make their dreams come true...


Budding artist, Tal, age 15, has taken art classes and art camp at The Art Studio NY since she was 6 years old. Tal shares, "I now know how to make my dreams come true. I know how to think and live creativity. The Art Studio NY taught me that."

Flip flops, pool parties, BBQ's, and ART... it's finally summer! At The Art Studio NY, we celebrate the birth of summer with our popular children's summer art camps. Eager kids and teens learn what it means to be authentic in their creativity, their self-expression, and their JOY. To see children of all ages and backgrounds smiling from ear to ear as they learn, laugh, and explore through The Art Studio NY art camp is, hands down, one of the sweetest gifts of my summer. How are you encouraging your children to dream in their lives?

If your child is between the ages of 4-17, encourage them to dream this summer through kid art and creativity.

The Art Studio NY's Just 4 Kids and Just 4 Teens unique summer art camp program nurtures your child with the freedom to create, celebrate, learn and thrive through joyful artistic creativity. Through our #1-Rated art classes in NYC, small groups and customized one-on-one instruction is provided for children by our caring, enthusiastic, talented and experienced art instructors. Kids explore an exciting variety of art materials, art projects, and art techniques. The true happiness of authentic self-expression is enjoyed every single day, all week long, in our much raved about summer art camps for kids in New York City.

It is guaranteed that in addition to your child having an enormous amount of fun, kids will also benefit from what every parent wants for their children most:

  • Art is directly related to children’s increased happiness and overall wellbeing.
  • Art allows children to relax and relieve stress while having fun!
  • Kids need to express their true selves freely (and they can make a mess in our studio, too, and come home to you mess- free!)
  • Art provides a productive social environment that builds vital social skills.
  • Art lessons are directly linked to a child’s healthy brain development.
  • Art enhances creative problem solving, Focus and memory.
  • Art builds self-esteem.
  • Art is safe, healthy and FUN!
  • Art teaches children how to use their imagination, dream, and create in their lives.
  • Contact The Art Studio NY HERE and give your child an opportunity that will last a lifetime. Teach them how to make their dreams come true.

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