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The time has come to move your beloved artwork, and you couldn’t be more nervous.

There are a multitude of websites, articles, and how-to guides available to help prepare your artwork for a big move. Some examples include Life + Storage and Wheaton World Wide Moving. Both websites offer useful tips, such as considering the value of your art and choosing the right supplies for the task. Each guide offers unique tips and tricks, but few online resources make the process as simple as you’d like.

Whether you’re visiting an art show, changing homes, or moving your pieces to a studio, packing up artwork can be stressful and scary - even if you didn’t craft it yourself.

Follow these four tips for a simple, stress-free moving process.

  1. Use Cardboard and Tissue Paper

According to Moving.Tips, you should start with a large sheet of cardboard or packing paper. Lay the material on the floor or a table. Ensure the space you’ve set aside is large enough for your heftiest piece of artwork. Then, place the piece in the middle and begin wrapping carefully. Artwork can be touchy, and you don’t want to take any risks. If necessary, ask for assistance from a close friend or family member.

Once the piece is wrapped, secure the edges with packing tape. This should be done as tightly as possible, with your focus on safety - not presentation. Use extra sheets of cardboard or packing paper, if necessary. Continue this process until you can comfortably say a trip down the stairs won’t break your piece. Repeat until all of your artwork is wrapped.

  1. Add Bubble Wrap

Next, you’ll need to add a layer of bubble wrap around the initial paper or cardboard wrapping. Secure this layer with packing tape. This will be the outermost layer of protection, so consider multiple layers of bubble wrap if you feel uncomfortable. When it comes to wrapping artwork, money spent on supplies is far less important than losing an irreplaceable piece.

Finally, add corner protectors for paintings or artwork with sharp edges.

  1. Obtain Transportation Boxes and Packing Peanuts

Spend as much time as possible finding the right transportation boxes for your pieces. You don’t want to use an oversized box that will leave too much room for jostling around in the moving truck. Instead, measure your artwork and find boxes with dimensions just two or three inches larger than your measurements.

After you’ve found a suitable transportation box and wrapping is complete, slowly place your piece into the box. Fill any open spaces with packing peanuts. Remember, it’s perfectly acceptable to ask for help if the piece is too heavy for you to transfer on your own.

  1. Remind Your Movers About Valuable Items

When moving day comes, remind your movers about valuable items - in addition to labeling the box with large and clear font. If you don’t feel comfortable allowing movers to handle your artwork, consider moving the piece(s) yourself with the assistance of a friend or family member. You can rent or borrow a van. You can also use your personal vehicle, if you have enough room in the backseat or trunk. Learn more about additional protection and supplies through The Spruce.

There are few things you can overdo when it comes to moving expensive or priceless artwork. Whether you made the piece yourself or purchased the piece from someone else, the value is far higher than your clothing or books. Work through the process carefully and take it step-by-step. You’ll have your artwork transported and safely unpacked before you know it.


Ms. Lyons created DIYDarlin to share her DIY knowledge and serve as a forum to learn from other DIYers.


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Next time you want to host a creative and unique event, think of The Art Studio NY! Art is for every age, and we can accommodate a birthday party for children all the way to a senior citizen painting party! We even host Bachelorette Painting Parties, which are always a blast! In recent years, we've enjoyed bringing our art classes to many corporations in the Manhattan area. This fun activity helps coworkers bond and creates a different atmosphere from the regular office.  

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We had such a great time this month spending time and creating with Arcesium in Midtown Manhattan. The creative event included a mix of new employees, and people that have been part of Arcesium for many years. Together with Arcesium, we coordinated a fantastic even which split the team into 7 groups of 4 people in each group. The different teams were mixed in order to allow people in the company to meet other people they may not regularly interact with. Each group was then allowed to pick an image they wanted to paint, then the paint was split into 4 paints, almost like a puzzle!  

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Jenny Casey is one of our very incredible students at The Art Studio NY. She exhibits her artwork in New York, and is currently taking Painting For The Next Level with instructor Edward Holland. 

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  • When did you start taking art classes at The Art Studio NY, and why did you begin to take classes (what was going on in your life at the time)?
    I began taking classes at The Art Studio NY over a year ago.  At the time, I was working as a professional medical illustrator. My desire has always been to paint and to do something less "technical" than I was used to. Coming in every week from Connecticut has allowed me to concentrate on my painting and put everything else aside. 

  • What class/es did you take, and what classes are you currently taking?
    I have been taking oil painting with Rebecca and several times with Jake. I have just completed my last session with Rebecca.

    What makes your experience at The Art Studio NY unique and memorable? 
    It is a unique experience for me because it allows me to break away from my fear of making something perfect without flaws and my fear of painting. It is a very freeing feeling and an important tool for me.

    What is something you have achieved because of your art classes that you never thought you could?
    I'm painting! I work on paintings in the city at The Art Studio NY and I work on paintings at home. I love painting

  •     What are you most proud of when it comes to your artistic journey? 
        I actually enjoy the fact that I get lost in my work. I don't have a deadline that forces me to complete something at a specific time....I just let it go!

  • What fears have you overcome, on and off the canvas, since starting to paint?
    Avoiding the "blocks" that used to occur when I would start a painting and not know where to go next. It has given me perspective and the ability to stand back and then continue....

    How have your art classes allowed you to relax and relieve stress? 
    I come into the studio, I forget everything....stress extinguished!!!

    How have your art classes changed your life, either in your art or your everyday life?
    The classes have started me in a new direction with my art, a direction full of new surprises and a stronger self identity.

    What advice would you tell a total beginner who feels afraid of taking an art class or they feel they "have no talent"?
    Try it. The most that can happen is that you don't like it....but I know that you will!


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This spring our artists created beautiful art in a range of mediums and subject matter.  

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