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James Falciano

James Falciano

Art Teacher

James Falciano is a painter and illustrator based in Brooklyn, New York. He is passionate about furthering his art practice, as well as sharing this passion for creativity with others. It is his firm belief that everyone is born with a unique vision for creativity and it is a deep desire of his to help foster this individual sense of expression in others. James is well versed in a variety of artistic mediums, from oil paint to acrylic paint, fine tipped markers, pen and ink, and charcoal and graphite.

A great many things speak to James’ creative vision within his own artwork. Nature has always had a large pull for him and he is especially inspired by how light passes through trees and water. Architecture and history, particularly that of urban spaces, has also shaped his voice as an artist. Nocturnal scenes hold a special interest for James. They represent some of his most inspiring interactions with his home city of New York. James shares of this fascination with painting nocturnes: “There is a certain kind of intimacy you can only experience when the streets are less crowded and flooded with artificial light. The most mundane scene is suddenly transformed into this luminescent, mysterious space. I aim to capture this sense of personal interaction with the city.”

James was primarily an oil painter following his time in art school, but over the past year (2016 - 2017), he has turned his attention to illustrated portraiture work, focusing in particular on the celebration of LGBTQ expression, romance, and identity. James received his BFA in Visual Arts, with a concentration in Painting and a Minor in Art History from Mason Gross School of the Arts, at Rutgers University, in 2011. He has exhibited his drawings and paintings in various venues throughout New York City, as well as exhibiting internationally for the first time in Tokyo, Japan, last year. His work may be found in a variety of private collections, including a branch of the New York Public Library located in the West Village of New York City.