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Toddler art class in New York City

Children thrive through art! Nurture your budding artist with art classes for toddlers at New York City’s #1-Rated art studio, The Art Studio NY! Our entertaining, engaging and fun art class for toddlers introduces children to the joy of art, creativity and self-expression while exposing children to the developmental benefits that art offers. In our toddler art class, artists will explore a wide variety of art materials such as paint, paper, collage, and crafts while enjoying their entertaining expressive art activities, hands-on art projects, singing, storytime and more! It is scientifically proven that children receive developmental benefits from toddler art classes, including enhanced fine motor skills, healthier expression of emotions, stronger communication skills, greater self-esteem, increased focusing abilities and improved test scores (later in life!). Allow your budding artist to receive all of the benefits of art with The Art Studio NY’s art classes for toddlers! Children will explore a wide variety of artistic techniques and materials through drawing, collage and painting classes for toddlers. Our weekly toddler art classes offer your little Picasso the chance to express themselves creatively while making beautiful artwork to exhibit at home each and every week. Watch your toddler’s inner-artist soar with our art classes for toddlers… raved about by kids and parents alike! Welcome to the BEST home for creativity in New York City!

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