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11 reasons to open art studio – Building an art studio


11 years ago, Rebecca Schweiger had a dream to promote creativity and authentic self-expression through art. In 2004, she started in her 1-bedroom apartment with 5 students. Now, with hundreds of weekly students and over 50 classes every week… HOW FAR WE’VE COME! 

Here are 11 reasons to CELEBRATE TASNY and the thousands of artists that have been inspired throughout the years!

1. PASSION: When you follow your PASSION in life, you feel alive. Take the risk and do more of what makes you feel alive.

2. CREATIVITY: The more you use, the more you have! Never stop creating! EVERYONE is creative. Carve out 5 minutes a day to flex your creativity muscles.

3. NURTURING: The Art Studio NY’s goal is to offer their creative oasis that is loving and non-judgmental. When we are loved, we grow to new heights.

4. SMILES: We’ve seen THOUSANDS of SMILES! There is nothing like seeing a or an adult feel good about their artwork, and more importantly, about themselves.

5. FRIENDSHIP: Through ART, friendships have blossomed off the canvas! Together, we have formed a wonderful community.

6. pARTies: Our BYOB Painting Parties became a hit because… who doesn’t like to paint with one hand and sip wine with another? Birthday parties, corporate events, bachelorette parties… You name it, we’ve celebrated it!

7. LOVE: We have had over 100 MARRIAGE PROPOSALS at The Art Studio NY! ALL SAID YES!

8. SELF-EXPRESSION: When you have the freedom to express who you truly are, you tap into your true power. Rebecca and our amazing instructors always strive for every artist to express themselves fully! Just be YOU!

9. FAMILY: We’ve formed bonds, networks, support systems….. We are a real family.

10. VACATION: Whether you joined The Art Studio NY on an art adventure to Costa Rica or Italy, or if you simply ESCAPED the concrete jungle weekly in our NYC art studio, we hope you enjoyed your RELAXING ART vacation with us!

11. HOME: We all yearn for connection, and we all need a home where we can truly be ourselves. The Art Studio NY strives to be that place for YOU.

We look forward to MANY more years of ART & SOUL with YOU!

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