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3 Tips On Making Time For YOU!

Our lives are hustle and bustle. We are so busy with the daily grind of being mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, professionals, and more that we often forget or can't find the time to take care of our own needs. The importance of carving out time for yourself is proven by many psychologists to be beneficial for your happiness, so we've rounded up a few tips to help you nurture your soul. 

1. The first step in making time for yourself is realizing the importance of "me" time, and realizing that you deserve it. It may feel selfish, but having time set aside to nurture yourself actually makes you BETTER in other areas of your life. By being taken care of, you will actually feel happier and thus be more pleasant at work, with friends, and with family. 

2. What would your "me" time look like? What is something that you really enjoy? Want to learn something new? Create something new? Make a list of a few things you would do during your "me" time. It could be taking an art class or writing in a journal. Whatever makes you feel good... it's now time to dive into it!

3. Put "me" time into your calendar! Whether it's 10 minutes in the morning to enjoy your cup of coffee while listening to your new playlist, or taking an art class once a week, if you put "me" time into your schedule, then you won't get distracted by the rest of life's responsibilities. Instead of just writing "me" time in your calendar, write down the activity or class you're committing to. This helps you really focus on your "me" time goals. 

Time to enjoy YOU! 
Happy Fall. 

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