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5 Easy Steps: Build A Creative Practice (That Lasts!)

Ever wondered how prolific artists can amass such a vast amount of works in their life time? No matter what the specifics are, it all boils down to their consistent creative practice. 
Keep reading to gather up some helpful tips that will help you create the space to create ❤️‍🔥
1.   Find your WHY. Why do you want a creative practice? I believe it is Thomas Jefferson who once said, “He who knows ‘why’ will always find ‘how'”.
2. Focus on process, not product. How do you FEEL when drawing and painting, and creating your art? Some art you’ll love, some you won’t. It’s the process that matters most. Try an intention focused meditation if you need help going within to find your answer. 
3. Small consistent steps build strong habits. Pick a 10-minute window daily, and add it to your calendar like you would a doctor’s appointment. This practice will better your health and fulfillment, what’s more important than that? 
4. Take an art class and be part of a community that motivates and encourages you. We tend to do best with a carved out time and place where we’re expected to show up. Consider having an accountability partner who shares the journey with you, check in daily as you build your practice! We do better together. 
5. Go easy, darling. If you miss a day, return the next. If self-sabotage or internal blocks might be at play (we all have them), ask for help, or shoot me a message, I’ll be happy to assist!