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Importance of Art – Art and Life

Art. It’s everywhere. Maybe you notice it, and maybe you don’t. Art is important, and we’ve gathered a few reasons why. Whether you’ve taken 20 art classes, or if you’ve never taken an art class, we hope you’ll appreciate our reasons. 


1. It’s a Language – Art is like another language. It’s a way to express what you cannot say in words with colors, shapes, textures, and more. If you go back to the cavemen paintings, you’ll see it’s a language that has been going on for centuries! Art is also a universal language. Most cultures see the color red on the streets as a warning sign, or green as “go.” If you can create, you can basically speak another language! 

2. It’s Cheaper Than Therapy – So therapy might cost you a couple hundred and hour, but with Art you can express yourself and pour your feelings onto a canvas and feel like you accomplished something. We differently recommend painting and drawing, it will make you feel good! PS Studies show that looking at artwork can release Endorphins

3. It Makes You Smart – Several studies have showed that children that take art, music, or drama classes have improved literacy skills and math skills. We figure, if it works for kids, why not adults? 

4. Improves Self Awareness – In our hustle bustle world, art gives you a chance to step back. With art, you have to take your time. You learn to slow down and feel a range of emotions in the process. Basically, even though you’re impatient waiting for that paint to dry –  you’re just becoming more aware of YOU.

5. It’s Beautiful – Art is everywhere. It’s the way your phone is designed, your favorite dress, your home, your dishes…. It makes life interesting, pretty, and colorful! Enjoy it. 

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