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5 Tips to Keep Kids Safe While at Home


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There is nothing like a special and memorable moment watching your kids play at home. The comfort of our homes has a huge impact on our kids’ upbringing. Therefore, it’s essential to nurture a loving and safe home that children are comfortable with. 


Unfortunately, parents have responsibilities that need their time away from their homes. Although leaving their kids with the nanny seems like a convenient option, it’s still not an assurance that your kids are safe at all times. 


To give parents peace of mind, we’ve compiled five tips to keep your children safe while playing at home – with or without your presence. 



  • Adult Supervision



This might be an obvious tip but adult supervision is of utmost importance. Yes, we understand that parents can be busy juggling kids’ supervision and household chores. But there have been a lot of incidents wherein a child’s safety was harmed due to irresponsibility from the parents. 


“Quality care begins with good supervision.” A safe environment for kids has a lot to do with shaping their character. Try to do your household chores with your kids at close proximity. 



  • Hidden Camera



Let’s go the traditional way by setting up a spy camera in the area where your kids frequently play. This is extremely useful especially when parents are always out of the house. Although some might trust the nanny a hundred percent, you still want to keep watchful eyes on your loved ones. 


Also, hidden cameras now come with mobile applications that allow you to view the footage in real-time. This is great when you want to randomly check on what your kids are doing from time to time. 



  • Child-Friendly Area



Set up a dedicated playroom for your kids. This should be a child-friendly area that is safe for all your children. For instance, ensure that you keep away choking hazards like small pieces of their toys. Choking is one of the leading causes of death or injury among children. Therefore, make sure you keep them away from stairs, sharp objects, small items, or any accident-prone areas or materials.



  • Educational Toys



Although kids might opt for superficial toys like dolls and toy cars, there’s nothing like excellent education toys that can help hone your kids’ intelligence and personality. All it takes is some getting used to. 


Start them young and introduce them to art. Let them participate in online art classes when they’re younger. If you have to buy them toys, purchase those with value and toys that can develop their cognitive and creative skills. 



  • Basic First Aid



Minor and major accidents are sometimes inevitable. As parents, it’s vital that we know how to respond immediately when the situation calls for it. That being said, enroll in basic safety and first aid classes that can possibly save your kids from future accidents. For example, the Heimlich maneuver is a very easy and crucial technique parents should learn to save a choking kid. 


Additionally, prepare basic medications and tools just in case something unfortunate happens to your children.


Final Words


Prevention is better than cure, they say. That’s why we need to keep an eye on our children while they’re playing at all times. Although these tips are simple, these could draw the line between the life and death of your kids. 


Author Bio


Leanne Brooks is a passionate blogger and informative content writer who writes about home improvement, travel, and technology. She is currently working with EyeSpySupply, which offers a wide range of surveillance equipment, including spy camera, nanny cams, GPS trackers, voice-activated audio recorders and more.