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How To Build Your Creative Practice: Showing Up for Yourself 


My favorite tip to successfully building a creative practice might surprise you.  While inspiration comes and goes, it’s the daily momentum of showing up over and over and over- for yourself- that counts the most.

That’s also the hardest part.

We’re conditioned to take care of everything else first, and guilt or shame can creep in the moment we say yes to ourselves.  Send compassion to those parts that feel unworthy, hold their hands, and have them join you. These parts of you need your love (and creativity) the most. 

The real commitment to a creative practice is this (regardless of what the art looks like): You are creating a safe space where you get to BE YOU, where you’re free to express and welcome your vulnerable, authentic self, and your inner-world gets to run wild and free.

Here’s the part I love most:

You don’t need hours nor a big art studio. You don’t need fancy art supplies. You don’t need to know what you’re doing. You just need to show up.  Start with 10 minutes a day. Skipping days is ok, too. My floral line drawing took under 10 minutes at my kitchen table (with a black pen from CVS!).  
The REAL creative practice is where you show yourself repetitively, in action, that you’re worthy of feeling good, being you, and freely expressing yourself. In art, and in life. 
Perhaps the most compelling aspect of art is that it’s great as a solitary activity, and it is 10x better when done with some friends! The best way to meet some fellow artists is to join a local art class. Whether it is an online art class or a studio art class— you are sure to find some comradery amongst your peers. 
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