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A stunning acrylic painting by our student, Susan Klausner 

by Rebecca Schwieger | May 4 | @releaseyourcreativity

Susan is a true blue Manhattanite. She is smart, sassy, classy, warm, friendly and genuine. She always pushes herself to explore, learn, and leave her creative comfort zone. As an interior designer in New York City, she’s a wizard at weaving together color, texture and space.

During in-person art classes pre-COVID, Susan was most often the student who continued working on her artwork long after the class ended. The class would end at 1:30p, and Susan was there at 3p still working away, warmly sharing rich conversation with staff and students alike. Susan is a core member of our studio family.

One thing we miss the most during the pandemic is the connective conversations IRL and time spent together with people like Susan, talking about everything from family, art, and city culture, to books, movies, and restaurants.

We are grateful to Susan for her support of our studio this past year, and she has continued to be a member of our art studio community through our virtual art classes every Thursday for the last year.

In yesterday’s class, Rebecca taught the group painting techniques of how to create an abstract floral painting. While Susan typically works in watercolor paint, she felt inspired to take the risk of jumping into acrylic painting, integrating all she’s learned from years of art classes at The Art Studio NY.


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