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Art as a Path to Fulfillment- Meet Student Anna Chatsisvili

by Kristen Andersen | June 18 | @theartstudiony

Anna Chatsisvili

Anna has been taking painting and drawing classes since childhood, until she stopped at some point to focus on her conservatory studies and career in Pharmaceutical Sciences. One day, the Biotech company she was working for organized a painting workshop. This workshop reminded Anna of how much she enjoys painting. Leading Anna to pick up her paint brushes and start painting again. Anna’s family has been super supportive of her artistic journey– her sister being her biggest fan, fondly remembering Anna’s childhood paintings. Anna’s parents bought Anna’s first huge tripod, and her partner gifted her an online advanced painting course with us at The Art Studio New York as a Christmas present.

“Painting has enriched my life with creativity and inner peace.” 

Time and Space Distorted, by Anna Chatsisvili

This online class that Anna was given is Rebecca Schweiger’s advanced online painting class. Anna has been a student with The Art Studio NY since March 2021. Anna says, “I think it is great that I am able to join an art class in New York City from my home-based atelier in The Netherlands!” Being the only European in the class, Anna has found great pleasure in meeting people from across the world with the same passion for painting. 

“The class gives me a sense of community, structure, and energy”

Shades of Green, Anna Chatsisvili

Some of Anna’s favorite painters are Klimt, Tsereteli, Akhvlediani, Kandinsky, Van Gogh, and Renoir. Anna’s mother has cultivated her love for painting since a very young age. “She enrolled me in painting classes, and when I was 10 years old, she got me an amazing encyclopedia of art history – I still love those books!” Anna also fondly remembers her middle school art teacher who taught her a lot of new techniques and inspired her to paint.  

Network, by Anna Chatsisvili

When asked how the pandemic has affected her art practice, Anna shares that it has given her the opportunity to devote more time to painting. It has also taught her to appreciate the things that we take for granted in life. The hardest part of the pandemic for Anna has been the uncertainty. Anna shares that she “feels excited and creative before art class, fulfilled and uplifted afterwards.  I also find it very fun to prepare my own colors – I only get the basic colors (yellow, red, blue, white and black), and create the rest myself.”

The Tree, by Anna Chatsisvili


“Rather than just a hobby, painting is a need for me, a way of meditation and self-expression. When I paint, I lose the sense of time. Is painting my ikigai? Probably.”  



               Metekhi Church at Dusk                                          Eternal Flow                                                   You and I 

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