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Art as an Outlet

by Kristen Andersen | May 17th | @theartstudiony

Meet Diane DeFilippo



Acrylic from Mixed-Media Class, by Diane DeFilippo

Diane began taking online art lessons with The Art Studio NY when a friend invited her to join in on a lesson. Feeling isolated and alone while working from home as a psychiatric nurse practitioner, Diane figured an online group class seemed like the perfect outlet! 

Vase with Flowers from Acrylic Class, by Diane DeFilippo

A self-taught artist; Diane was given a Learn to Draw kit by Jon Gnagy as a child. At about 8 or 9 years old, Diane learned step-by-step how to draw perspective and shading from this kit. Amazed at how she was able to accomplish this herself, her practice pushed onward.  

“Moved by the beauty of Monet, Renoir and Van Gogh, I have been drawn to reproduce their work.”

Van Gogh Irises, oil painting by Diane DeFilippo

Before art class, Diane feels; “pent up and restless”. After her art classes, she feels; “calmer, recognized”.

The last year has been challenging for the collective. Diane shares her personal experience with the pandemic as, “Feeling isolated and fearful– not only for myself, but for my family. It has been difficult caring and being present for clients who have experienced trauma working as nurses directly with Covid, their losses & fears, the chaos families felt regarding work and school, frustrations on how to adapt with shopping, less opportunities at gyms and restaurants and other organizations which were social outlets for my clients and perhaps the only thing keeping them structured each day. While doing this for others I also needed someone or something to help myself.” Working from home was an “opportunity in disguise” for Diane to finally have time to focus on herself.

3 Graces From Drawing Class, drawing by Diane DeFilippo

 Immersed in the beauty of colors and shading, Diane felt a sense of accomplishment with each finished product. Diane finds being fully focused on mixing the correct color, recognizing the shadows and variations in tone, and trying to capture it on canvas or paper to be quite calming.

Diane shares, “By taking a virtual art class I was able to keep safe while still interacting with others. Intrigued by the idea of learning more artistic techniques, I wanted to learn the science behind the art as opposed to copying someone else’s art.”

“[My art practice] has given me positive feedback to see my work as an accomplishment. This, I’m sure, has improved my self esteem and is something I could be proud of doing and doing well. It has taught me how to slow my mind down and focus on detail– this has given me a feeling of relaxation, which comes along with the mindfulness of focusing on what’s in front of me instead of inner anxiety and worry.”

Renoir’s Seascape, oil painting by Diane DeFilippo

We are so glad to have Diane as part of our artist community at TASNY! Thank you, Diane, for sharing your story with us. We hope Diane’s story provides those intrigued by art the push they need to begin their practice. 

Bushkill Falls PA Path, oil painting by Diane DeFilippo


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