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“Art Taught Me to Trust Myself”

by Kristen Andersen and Pat Pinto| Sep 21, 2021 | @theartstudiony

Meet Pat Pinto

Pat Pinto began taking classes with The Art Studio NY in 2007. At the time, she lived only two buildings down from the studio. Pat recalls the moment that prompted her to begin her classes; While walking home one day, I saw a flyer taped to a lamp post that said something like ‘Have you not painted since you were a child? Come back and find the artist in you again’. Come back I did… and I never looked back.”

Pat’s first ever painting with The Art Studio NY

In 2010, Pat left the city to move to Red Bank, New Jersey, thus discontinuing her lessons at our art studio. Although no longer able to attend lessons in NYC, she stayed in touch with Rebecca and even attended her Costa Rica Art Retreat a few years later. 

Once NYC entered lockdown due to Covid-19, The Art Studio NY began offering online art classes, welcoming Pat back into our virtual studioJust knowing that I had set time each week to create was a blessing in itself.   The bonus was joining a group of like-minded artists and having time together to share our work and support each other…

“Whether live classes or online, I have always found The Art Studio NY to be a safe, supportive, encouraging and engaging environment. It was so refreshing to be back.  I didn’t quite know what I had been missing in my art until I was back with TASNY.”

Since discovering our online Mixed Media class in 2020, Pat feels she has gained a new found confidence in the freedom of expression the medium has allotted her.  Pat is proud to say she now considers herself an “artist” after all these years. 

Prior to my return to The Art Studio NY, I used to just say ‘I paint sometimes’”.

Pat’s art classes have made her look at everything differently. “I now appreciate how it makes me feel —  the good and the bad and everything in between,” she shares, “I love how I feel when practicing.    The exploration in each piece is intoxicating –  and keeps me going back for more”. 


“I have learned to trust myself and push myself to do things that I have not done before.”


When asked what advice she has to share with an artist at the beginning stages of their journey, Pat shares,

“There is no such thing as ‘no talent’.  Art is what you feel inside and we all have feelings and it is your opportunity to express your feelings and stretch yourself.   Don’t be afraid – you got this!

Pat, we are so thankful our online painting classes have allowed us the opportunity to welcome you back to our studio! Thank you for your continued support of our studio, it has been such a pleasure watching you grow as an artist.


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