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Art Therapy Programs – Benefits of Art Therapy

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”  – Pablo Picasso

Art therapy is the use of painting, drawing, sculpture, crafts and other creative means in counseling and psychotherapy treatments. Art Therapy became a recognized discipline in the 1940s primarily in The United States and Europe. Adrian Hill was the first to use the term “Art Therapy,” while in a sanatorium in England while being treated for tuberculosis. Hill suggested using art projects for himself and for his fellow patients. In recent years the field of art therapy has grown, and more research is being done on the many benefits. 

Art Therapy can be found in various facilities such as: 

– Nursing Homes
– Correctional facilities
– Schools (Art therapy is offered for young children and even university students)
– Medical Hospitals
– Psychiatric Hospitals
– Halfway Houses
– Homeless Shelters
painted blue circles by Rebecca Schweiger - The Art Studio NY

Art and creativity is healthy for everyone, but art therapy is especially beneficial for those suffering from drug and alcohol abuse, depression and stress, PTSD, cancer patients, behavioral disorders in children, and those coping with physical disabilities. 

There are many forms of art therapy, and sometimes the creative expression is done one-on-one, or with an Art Therapist or in a group. Art therapy can be painting or drawing a tragic or hopeful scenario, creating or learning a new song that expresses one’s emotions, sculpting, filmmaking, and theater. The creative process helps with coping with the painful emotions and helps reveal deep emotions.

At The Art Studio NY, we look at art like a diary. The canvas is a blank page ready for you to write down your emotions. Often times while creating we do not even realize the benefits to our soul. For some, creating is a cleansing process. Picasso would probably be a big advocate of art therapy as he wisely stated, “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” 

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