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by Rebecca Schwieger | April 4 | @releaseyourcreativity

How To Create A Life You Love

Passover, Easter. Holi. Soon, Ramadan. Spring.
We’re living the season of release, rebirth and renewal.
Whatever holidays you do or don’t celebrate, be sure to pause and celebrate YOU. You’ve gotten this far, with all of life’s ups, downs, ins, outs, breakdowns and breakthroughs.
Our society is results, appearances and achievement oriented. And yet, the unseen is where the treasures lie. All of the times you failed and had courage to dust yourself off and get up again. The heartbreak you healed, the time you were on your knees alone and praying for help, the moments you vulnerably asked for what you need even though you feared rejection. The days that fear gripped you and you chose to face the unknown.
Today, give yourself space to pause. Thank yourself for your bravery that daily human living requires. Acknowledge just how far you’ve come. Know how worthy you are to step into all that you desire.
Look at you, precious one. You’re doing it. You are brave. Celebrate yourself.
May be art