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BYOB – Wine and Painting Classes

Guest blog by Sherry Huang, a writer who also likes to dream in color. Follow her on Twitter @Sherendipitea & Instagram @Sherrenity.

Back in May, I found myself at The Art Studio NY for the first time. A friend had discovered a Groupon promotion for a one-night BYOB painting class, and enticed by the idea of painting while drinking wine, we signed up for our first art class. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but once I put brush to canvas, I was transported to a place where nothing mattered except mixing paint, composing shapes, and layering color upon color. The instructor, Jake, was calm and laid-back, and he encouraged everyone to express themselves creatively. He showed helpful techniques and provided individual attention, making suggestions and insights without giving pressure. Best of all, he provided us the option to deviate from the provided image and paint anything we wanted.

Some great things about the one-night classes: they’re affordable, everything is provided (acrylic paint, brushes, aprons, wine, etc.) except the canvas, and you don’t need to have any painting experience. The classes are all about discovering how you can interpret an image and transform a canvas into something that’s uniquely your own. There is never any criticism or judgment from anyone because painting is a personal journey. So far, I’ve taken four classes, and I’ve seen some spectacular paintings. I’ve been constantly amazed at how every single canvas really displays a painter’s personality and vision. I can’t wait to take more classes and continue to be inspired.

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