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CREATE Big 2020 Dreams: The Time is Now

What do you WANT in your life? I mean, reeeeaaaallllly want. In a dig-down-deep-in-your-soul-kind-of-want. Now is the perfect time to get quiet, take a pause, and ask yourself important life questions as the 2019 cycle ends and 2020 soon begins.
My questions include the following. What questions will YOU ask yourself? Share them with us on FACEBOOK. We’re in this together!
*What makes me happy, and how will I build more of my life around what feeds my soul?
*What stops (sabotages) me from doing more of what I love, and when/how will I address this roadblock, in action?
*My health is my wealth. What will I do to enhance my health and well-being?
*What angers and resentments (aka poison) can I let go of, and how?
*When I get very quiet, what does my inner-voice say, and what do I need to do to listen and act on it daily?
My beloved best friend and I experience and talk a lot about a space we refer to as “beyond”. This “beyond space” is a reality that we find ourselves in together often, and yet often, we couldn’t have dreamt it up even if we tried. The magic and wonder of life’s grandest possibilities are available to you if you surrender and open yourself to a bigger reality. When you make space for more goodness, it will rain upon you.
In the next days ahead, I’m going to spend time nurturing the seeds of my grandest dreams. I hope you will, too. Plant those seeds. Water them, and they’re sure to grow.
Our hundreds of weekly students at The Art Studio NY rave that our inspiring art classes nourish their spirits, enhance their wellbeing, provide stress relief, help to achieve goals and dreams “beyond”, and in a nutshell…. it’s the best part of their week. We hope to nurture YOU through art this coming year.


Wishing you a meaningful and creative 2020! May you make the time to nurture your grandest dreams.
Rebecca & The Art Studio NY Family