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Art events NYC – Creative Corporate Events with Arcesium

We had such a great time this month spending time and creating with Arcesium in Midtown Manhattan. The creative event included a mix of new employees, and people that have been part of Arcesium for many years. Together with Arcesium, we coordinated a fantastic even which split the team into 7 groups of 4 people in each group. The different teams were mixed in order to allow people in the company to meet other people they may not regularly interact with. Each group was then allowed to pick an image they wanted to paint, then the paint was split into 4 paints, almost like a puzzle! 

This group team-building event while also very fun, also forced the employees to really work together. We encouraged individuals on the teams to place their canvases next to each other while working on them to ensure that they lined up properly, and for them all to come together as one masterpiece! 

The Arcesium office is filled with large white wall, the incredible artwork will now be hung on the walls to create a lively space. The perfect example of team work will also be right on the walls of their office!

Photograph by William Gwyn

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