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Doctor’s Orders: Be Outside!


Countless studies now point to the importance of both creativity  and spending time in NATURE as a path to your happiness and wellbeing. Enjoying art and nature together is so great for your health that some doctors are now prescribing it.  

Psychologists have conducted studies that show being in nature reduces stress, strengthens relationships, and improves health. “Experiencing awe in nature is a powerful way to impact people’s psychology, even as they’re doing something they really like to do,” says Researcher Craig Anderson.

Why do psychologists think nature is so healthy? The sense of awe. Experiencing awe helps you to pause, slow down, experience beauty, and feel how massive the miracle of life truly is. This perspective shift allows for your own stresses and problems to suddenly become smaller when placed in a new, larger and more expansive perspective. 

Bonding with nature is even becoming a common form of preventative health care in Japan. Studies share that spending time in forests, known as shinrin-yoku, or forest bathing, find that time outdoors improves cognitive abilities, reduces anxiety, and decreases rumination. Try disconnecting from technology while taking a walk, drawing outside, or even sitting on a bench to look at the intricate details of a blooming flower. Studies show that even being outside for 30 minutes a day can benefit your mind, body, and soul.

“Our findings suggest that you don’t have to do extravagant, extraordinary experiences in nature to feel awe or to get benefits,” says Anderson. “By taking a few minutes to enjoy flowers that are blooming or a sunset in your day-to-day life, you also improve your well-being.”

The Art Studio NY is dedicated to nurturing the happiest and most fulfilled YOU. This summer, nurture your health and wellness through creativity, artistic expression and outdoor art classes in nature. The beauty of nature, the freedom of creative expression, and the warmth of community. What could be better?