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Even your cat can paint!

by Kristen Andersen | Feb 19 | #meow


“I can’t paint, I’m not creative” WRONG. Anyone can paint, even your cat!

I saw this painting technique in a Tiktok video over the weekend and I just had to share it with anyone and everyone. Here’s how you can teach your cat how to paint:

1. Grab your blank canvas, put globs of paint on it.

2. Gently slide the canvas with paint globs into a plastic bag.

3. Place catnip and/or cat treats on top of bag. 

4.  Step aside, and let the artist do their thing!


And voila, you have your beautiful abstract painting, even more special because it was done by your beloved furry friend. 

Now, if a cat can do it, you don’t have any excuse! Start painting today.


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