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Fake it Till you Make it

by Kristen Andersen | Feb 5 | #muse

“I’m not an artist”, we tell ourselves, because we can’t draw a realistic portrait. 

“I’m not that creative”, we convince ourselves because we’ve never bothered to push our limits. 

We create a self fulfilling prophecy when we allow our preconceptions to hinder our drive to try something new. 


Your art doesn’t have to look like a Monet to consider yourself an artist.

You don’t have to be the best, you just have to do your best. 


I implore you to find your muse. Sometimes I look at my cat and I think “Holy moly you are so cute, I’m filled with so much love, I just want to squish you, squeeze you, never let you go”.


Anyone who’s ever been around a baby knows the conflict between needing to be delicate but also needing to ‘squish’ because the cuteness is just so out of control. That conflict can be your muse. 

Put pen to paper and write about how cute your baby/fur baby is. 

Put brush to canvas and express through color the feelings your cute baby/fur baby evoke out of you. 


You don’t have to “be an artist” to create art. You just have to do it. Don’t let your fear of creating something unsightly hold you back. Let your guard down, tell the critical voice in the back of your mind to take a hike, and just be. 

As they say, “the only wasted paint is paint still in the tube”




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