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This. Is. So. True. For. Me.

by Rebecca Schwieger | Feb 3 | @releaseyourcreativity

Create your life as a white glove fit for YOU, and free yourself from what everyone else thinks and expects. Because really, do you want to live someone else’s life… or your own?

Thank you

Stephanie Redlener, first class diva and truth teller, for your words below  (L❤️VE)
“For my whole life, my goal has been freedom.
To live a life where I feel free to be me. To live the way I desire. To own my choices. To set up structures, systems and situations that allow me to move as freely as I please. To work on things I care about and get paid for it. To wear and do whatever the f* I want.
This has been my guiding force in life.
Every choice I make is ultimately about freedom.
Who I want to be in the world.
Who I want to be with.
What kind of relationship dynamic I need to support me.
How I need to parent so that I still feel free.
What kind of work I want to do that will inspire me and won’t FEEL like work.
How much money I want to make so I can come and go as I please.
What kind of beliefs I need to fill my mind with to support my desire for freedom.
How I need to take care of myself to stay fueled up.
What kinds of things truly turn me on.
Who I need to surround myself with to support the life I want to live.
These questions have required me to look hard at the places that have scared me in order to find where I’m out of alignment.
They’ve asked me to tell myself the truth about what I truly desire—not what I think I should do or what other people want for me.
They’ve forced me to take brave steps even in the face of fear—actually, especially in the face of fear.
They’ve asked me to have hard conversations with people I love who might not want the same things as me.
And in turn…
I’ve freed myself from my own inner shackles.
I’ve learned to share my voice and my gifts freely in the world—and make a ton of money because of it.
I’ve created a life that’s designed perfectly for me and my desires—not what the world wants me to be.
And my life is so good, it brings me to my knees.
Because I believe when a woman is free, she is inspired, embodied, powerful, and alive. And the whole world feels the difference.
Gimme a 🙋🏽‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋🏾‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️ if you’re ready to set yourself free.”
-Stephanie Redlener
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