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by Rebecca Schwieger | May 25 | @releaseyourcreativity

How to Create A Life You Love

COVID times have pushed us to take stock. Of everything. Investing in the life category of friendship is a worthy cause. New friends or old friends, who you surround yourself with impacts the story of your life.
Friendship can be fierce. I pick them, they pick me, we pick eachother. Some last forever, some are like the ever changing seasons, some come and go. Welcome them all.
With my female friends, I am part of a secret soul sister society. With these bonds, I’ve experienced something as strong- if not stronger, at times – than blood family. Into my 20’s, friends were a given. Come my 30’s, I woke up to what a privilege it is to choose and be chosen within my sisters’ clubs.
My mother always said, “There’s no friend like an old friend.” It is a great privilege to witness, and be witnessed by, friends who we have laughed with, cried with, grown and changed with, shared our longings and fears and tears and worries and conflicts and wounds and successes and best and worst selves with, together.
To live our individual lives and know there’s both a cheerleading squad that has our backs as well as a gang of truth tellers that won’t sugarcoat it, even when it’s hard to hear. Soft love, tough love, sister love.
This weekend, I celebrated a beautiful sister, Rebecca, and I’m so proud of her. For her grit and her growth and her commitment to healing and wellness and heart-centered living. She is the creator of her life, her business, and now her sacred beloved upcoming marriage, that stands for conscious love and a life well lived.
Deep friendships sweeten the game of life. Many people say that it’s harder to make great friends as we get older. I do not agree. We all thrive with connection. We need it. It just takes open vulnerable hearts that choose each other for the long game.