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Stop and Listen – Developing Intuition at The Art Studio NY

Have you ever just “known” something, not because you learned it but because you sensed it? Welcome to the gift of your intuition, a gift inside you guaranteed to make your life easier, happier and more fulfilling.

The average human being makes at least 612 decisions a day. This equals 4,900 decisions in a week and 254,800 in a year. While overloaded and overstimulated, we still need to navigate in our go-go-go culture.


Practice these steps to strengthen your intuition:

STOP. Commit to time with and for yourself. Don’t just do something, sit there! Relax into an art class at The Art Studio NY and allow your stress to fade. Breath a little deeper and schedule ongoing pauses daily and weekly.

LISTEN to the conversations your mind has. Just listen, don’t judge. After your mind has some air time, notice the guidance

LET GO of perfection. Let go of needing to be right. Make room for the new ideas that want to whisper through you.

TRUST YOURSELF. No one can guide you better than YOU. Take action on the guidance that speaks from within you.

Two students in their private art class relax, STOP AND LISTEN, as they tap into their intuition and express their art and soul.

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