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How ART Helps Your Brain


We love art, not only does art take you to new places and transforms your thinking, but it’s also fun and relaxing! Well now, we have even more reasons to LOVE art… it’s good for your brain. More and more, scientists have discovered the benefits of art on the brain, it’s not wonder that adult coloring books are all the rage the last couple of years. We all want a healthy brain, and as much as eating healthy and exercise are vital, ART is also an important component for a healthy brain. 

1. ART boosts your self-esteem.

Hanging your art up can instill a boost of self-esteem – think of when kids have their art up on the fridge and the delight it brings them. In addition, the process of creating increases the neurotransmitter dopamine. Dopamine jolts drive, focus, and concentration.  The process of making art also helps you to learn tools like planning ahead, which are critical in reaching your goals. 


Art is a great way to solve problems without the fear of being wrong. Unlike math, there is no absolute solution, so you can come up with answers in new and innovative way. Basically, art is a like a brain puzzle, but without the boxes and numbers of a sudoku. Plus, you get to use both sides of your brain, which is pretty much like learning a new language aka “the language of art.” 


Creating is an exciting experience. You’re diving into a new project, trying to plan and solve problems that arise while trying to create something new and meaningful. By doing this, you brain is creating new connections between brain cells helping your brain grow and create new connections. Meaning you’re getting smart while you create! Also, it’s been proven that creating art improves psychological resilience and helps reduce stress.

It’s time to feed your brain with art! What art class will you take to improve your brain health? 

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