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I must confess, I love throwing things away. The physical and emotional act of letting go floods my body with a giddy sensation of freedom and weightlessness that is a true delight! On the contrary, the sight of endless emails in my inbox pumps anxiety through my veins, and an overload of physical objects, papers and tchotchkies just make me plain dizzy. As my dear mother would say, “Why do you need that? It’s just going to collect dust. Get rid of it!” I couldn’t agree more. At this stage of my life, I realize that the “things” I need the most are within me, right inside of my heART. That’s where I store my most valuable treasures.

So, the fact that I snipped out an article called “The Soul of a Teacher: Answering the Call” in 2006 from a magazine, and I still have that same tidbit hanging on my refrigerator to this day,six years later, says a lot! As an art teacher who is following her calling to share the power of art and authentic self-expression with the world, I read and re-read this article daily. I never tire of it, and it always reminds me of why I started The Art Studio NY, why I teach, and what all of our teachers at TASNY have in common.

When you are searching for an art teacher to guide you on your creative journey, it is this commitment, passion and heARTfelt calling, shared in the snippet article below, that your art instructor must have. Your teacher should long to touch your life in the most unique and caring way through the magical transformation of creativity. Teaching art goes way beyond the sharing of color mixing or paint application. At The Art Studio NY, all of our art instructors teach in our unique art studio because they want to see our students thrive, connect and create in the most joyous, authentic ways. At The Art Studio NY, we are dedicated to our students, and we not only want you to make beautiful canvases to hang on your walls, but we truly want you to succeed with the most important canvas of all, THE CANVAS OF YOUR LIFE.

I am grateful that amidst my love of simplicity and clutter-free living, I have not thrown this article away, for it reminds me every day of my mission as an artist, teacher and as a human being.

The Soul of a Teacher: Answering the Call

By Carolyn Dell’uomo

When we answer the call to teach, what is being asked of us? In looking at the lives of great teachers- Swami Kripalu, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King, Jr.- we see that the call to teach is a beckoning of the soul. It beckons us not to an occupation, but to a path of transformation; not to a career, but to a soul-evolving way of life. In saying yes to teaching, we are saying yes to the practice in which the joys, struggles, and breakthroughs of our lives are the soul-infusing force behind what we share with our students. Beyond technique and methodology, we teach who we are. Like teachers before us, we are called to a set of soul qualities that in times of doubt or fear sustain our trust, strengthen our heart, and nurture our relationship with the Divine. This intimacy with life, soul and spirit is the force behind our transformational teaching, courageous acts of compassion, and dynamic social change.

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