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How to Create a Life That You Love

Your Most Important Artwork is Your Life

I’m constantly awestruck by the magic of painting. Once a blank white canvas, now a world of a color, spirit and feeling stare back at me. Did I really create that from scratch? Yes. 

You wake up everyday with a blank canvas in front of you. What you create, what stares back at you in your own mirror, is entirely in your hands. How will you interact with the world and what will your impact be? What decisions will you make and how will they impact your tomorrows? How will you navigate not only joy but sorrow, fear and the difficult conversations that you need to have with yourself and others? What mark will you leave on the people you engage with at work, at home, on the subway? Who will you choose to forgive so your canvas is lighter and free? What actions will you take so you’re one step closer to your hopes and dreams? 

This is what it means to be an everyday artist. You live, choose and create, consciously, the canvas of your own life. Layer by layer, moment by moment, day by day, you create your own masterpiece.

Rebecca Schweiger

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