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How to Create A Life You Love: Gratitude Scavenger Hunt



Penn Station is one of my LEAST favorite spots in NYC. I’ve been known to say I hate it (and “hate” isn’t a word I use much). The noise, the crowds, the shlepping, the pushing and shoving!

And yet, today, I decided to flip this familiar canvas upside down. Instead of grumbling, I chose to create a personal “gratitude scavenger hunt” where I consciously noticed what I felt grateful for in good old Penn Station!

Instead of noticing (and grumbling some more) what I felt annoyed, frustrated and stressed by, a simple attitude adjustment allowed my eyes to brighten with how much I DID like!

And, when it was time to board my train, I felt something I never could have imagined. I was HAPPY! There were so many moments of joy in this place where previously, I only saw dark clouds. One inner adjustment can change how you experience your day and your life.

My Top 10 Gratitude Moments at Penn Station: 
1- LOVE. The Babylon train line brings me to one of my favorite places on ? earth. My grandparents’ home. 
2- SAFETY. In one of the most crowded spots in NYC, I feel that national security has my back. 
3- STRENGTH. My strong, healthy body that can walk, see, and navigate crowds & can carry a heavy suitcase. 
4- HEALTHY food options. And tons of variety. The gorgeous smoothie I ordered… with the PB and almond milk I like.
5- DIVERSITY. Religions, cultures, skin colors, ages, languages, nationalities. We are in it together. 
6- MUSIC. Amazing live music and great acoustics!
7- NEW INVENTIONS, such as lighter weight luggage with 360 wheels. They weren’t always like that! 
8- ARRIVING EARLY and not rushing. Not one person bumped into me!
9- FREEDOM to go where I want to go, see who I want to see and be who I want to be. 
10- CREATING a new attitude. Who knew that I could so easily transform a place I disliked into a canvas of gratitude? I even look forward to going back for more!


Rebecca Schweiger

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