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How To CREATE a Life You LOVE in 2017

Creativity is not reserved for the canvas. Your most important masterpiece is your everyday life, and your inner-artist needs to be awakened by YOU. 2017 is YOUR year to CREATE  a life that you love. Harness your inner-artist and kick off the new year with these 4 steps!

1. IMAGINE: What do you WANT? What are your dreams? What have you put on your “I can’t” list that, in fact, IS possible? Get quiet and honest with yourself.  With paper and pen in hand, give yourself the freedom to write down every single dream and every last bucket list item that live inside of you. Express yourself authentically and give your dreams a voice. Stop editing your longings.

2. INTENTION & GOALS: From your dreams list, circle 2 items that speak to you the most. You don’t need to know how you will achieve them, you just need to know that they matter deeply to YOU. When you make an intention to create something in your life, you declare its importance. Much like the artist putting the paintbrush to canvas, your dreams, when spoken aloud, become your goals. 
3. ACTION: It is not enough to dream. You need a CREATIVE ACTION PLANBeginning with one goal, write down every single small step you are willing to take to make that dream a reality. Include dates and deadlines, and schedule these action steps into your calendar. No excuses! Remember, YOU are the artist of your life, you have the power to create your life by design and not live it by default. 

4. ACCOUNTABILITY: We get by with a little help from our friends. Commit to be accountability partners with one trusted friend. When you share your goals and action plan with another, you become accountable and more likely to follow through from start to finish. You have a built in cheerleader that will push you, support you and congratulate you with every single step that you take. Schedule weekly checkin calls and create a plan to stay on track. 

To a 2017 filled with dreams coming true,

Rebecca & The Art Studio NY Family 

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