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How to Keep Kids Happy & Healthy!

Stress Relief / Self-Esteem
Science has proven that making art helps children and adults relieve stress while embracing imperfections. No one is ever too young to learn the value of self-acceptance and self-love, which helps children grow into adults with higher self-esteem, a major key to a healthy and successful life. 

Improves Brain Functioning
Multiple studies in the past several years have shown that art improves healthy brain development and leads to greater social and academic success in children. When kids engage in art classes, their problem solving and critical thinking skills, attention, motivation, literacy abilities, and communication skills strengthen for the rest of their lives. This leads to higher academic achievement in math, science and languages, and it results in higher test scores.

Self-Expression / Communication Skills
Art can be used to express emotions where words cannot. Kids don’t always have the appropriate language to express their inner-world, and art is a vital tool that allows children to communicate effectively. In an age where many people feel that they are not “good enough” or that they “don’t matter,” art provides children and adults with confidence and self-empowerment. Through creating art, children learn that they MATTER and that their thoughts and feelings are valid. This, in turn, allows children to know their own worth while raising their confidence as human beings.

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