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The emotion in art – The art and emotion

I’ve lost count as to how many times I’ve witnessed this exact sequence of ever-changing emotional terrain in my New York art studioAnd now that I got your attention by using the word fuck, insert the word “life” for the word “painting”. “I love my life, I hate my life, I fucked up my life. What should I do now with my life?!?! HELP.”


Some of us are art students, and all of us are human life students. As my hEARTist students are well aware, I loooove to share how the creative, artistic process is THE perfect metaphor for the process of creating a beautiful, meaningful everyday life. While having a stellar painting to hang over your non-working Manhattan fireplace is a novelty and certainly impresses your doorman, creating and deeply enjoying a meaningful, self-empowering and joyous existence is paramount and something that every human being longs to create, have and live. In fact, there is nothing on earth more coveted than a gifted life such as this.

What if I guaranteed you that as you flex your creative muscles in the art studio with a gooey paintbrush in hand, you are actually flexing the muscles of your life that matter most?What if a simple (inspiring, wonderful and best art class in NYC, of course….) painting class in New York City is actually THE perfect practice for creating the life you most want to live?Through your artistic practice, you learn how to strengthen your ability to create beauty amongst life’s ever-changing colorful chaos, you build confidence in your right to express who and how you are in this world, you become the CREATOR of your life rather than a passive participant, and you learn to honor, respect and trust the voice that matters most, the voice of your inner-heART.

Through exploring your personal creativity and authentic self-expression, you don’t fret as your internal emotional landscape twists and turns, because you know that the nature of life is change, and you know that as an artist, you are in charge of your shifting canvas of life. You don’t worry as much about fucking up your painting (or life), because as an artist, you know that if you created meaning and happiness before, you can and will recreate it again. If you hate your painting (or life), you now have the creative wisdom to change it for the better. With the gift of your newfound creativity, when you ask yourself “What should I do now with my painting (or life)?”, your past panic is replaced with a reservoir of endless exciting possibilities. And, when youdowant to scream “HEEEELP!!!” from your 36th floor apartment window as all New Yorkers inevitably do (admit it, we’re in this together), you allow yourself to freely express whatever frustration you are feeling, because you know it is healthy to let it all out, and it just feels damn good to express yourself, rain or shine. This time, however, as you howl under the moon for help, howling right into the city night sky’s symphony of sirens and car horns, you smile to yourself as you spot the only sparkling star in sight. Your creative journey has taught you how to access every answer you have ever needed and every answer you will ever need. For the rest of the days of your precious life, because of the artist that you are, you know that everything you truly need is right inside of you in your heART. At this exact moment, you laugh with confidence, “What if the best kept secret is that painting class really is the greatest guru in town?”

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