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I’M AFRAID: 3 Ways to Create Inner-CALM

Dear TASNY Friends,

If the unknown of Coronavirus is making you feel afraid, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Creativity is a spiritual practice that boosts your mood, relieves your anxiety, and leaves you feeling soothed during uncertain times.  Practice these 3 EASY tools to ease your stress as we get through this together.


1. CREATE PERSPECTIVE: When you change how you see things, what you see changes. When you have fear-based thoughts that trigger anxiety, ask yourself, “What new way can I see this threat?” With creative problem solving, you transform your perspective. No face masks available? I wear fun scarfs, take selfies, and I share my “daily look” with loved ones to uplift us all.



2. CREATE TIME FOR GROWTH: During this challenging time, what do you miss the most in your life? What do you NOT miss at all? Make an honest list and reflect on it.  How can you create change that will serve your best self when life “goes back to normal”? Start now. Getting real with yourself is grounding.



3. CREATE CONNECTION: We are social beings, we need each other. Join a structured online activity and put it in your schedule. I am grateful that during this dizzying time, people worldwide share that our online art classes are soothing, healing, and providing a community that feels like home.

Wishing you safety and health,