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Indoor Activities: Kids Art Classes

Winter is coming… and we are not going to spend another 3 months binging Game of Thrones again! The shorter days and longer nights leave a lot of Vitamin D to be desired. What shall we do with ourselves with the cold weather leaving us stuck inside? If we are feeling antsy just thinking about being stuck inside this winter, imagine how our kids must feel! This is the sign you were waiting for to finally sign them up for that kids art class! Studio art classes  and online art classes are the perfect cure for those winter blues ☃️

Choose to Create

Kids art classes are the perfect way to engage and inspire your family as we move into 2023. Start the year off with something to be proud of. Try something new, with art classes being offered both online and in-person, there is nothing holding you back! This video perfectly sums up the incredible way simply drawing can alter your brain.

The Art Studio NY is the perfect environment for your precious little one to explore their talents in a nurturing, encouraging, and nonjudgmental setting. Whether they’re a fashionista in the making or a future architect, they will find confidence while exploring their creative expression. Extracurricular activities are great ways for children to socialize with other children outside their typical social group, furthering their potential to form special, long lasting connections. 


  • Portfolio Prep Class is the perfect class for the teen who is getting ready to apply to art high schools such as LaGuardia Arts High School in Manhattan. Why not make the most of the cold weather and encourage your child to develop a variety of high-quality, original artworks in drawing, painting and mixed-media with the guidance of one of NYC’s top art educators? 


Art Classes for the Whole Family

The best way to inspire your child is through example, so why not take an art class right alongside them? The Art Studio NY offers not just kids art classes, but art classes for beginners of all ages! Join an online workshop like the BEGINNERS INTRO TO COMICS AND CARTOONING ONLINE CLASS– Pay What You Wish Class with your whole family! The great thing about online classes is you can stay in your fuzzy pajamas the entire time 😎.

All you need is a pencil, paper, and internet access to connect and create with artists all over the world. Live, interactive, online art classes are the perfect way to keep your child socializing all through the cold, winter months. Sign up today!