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Q & A with Mitchell Siegel

Why did you decide to teach art to the Aspergers Community?
My son, Ryan, was born with autism. As he was growing up, I quickly learned that there was an unmet need for creative services after the teenage years end. After graduating high school, families are left with no services at all. It is a huge problem.
Many people with Aspergers are gifted with visual talent. One of my current students has extreme drawing talent and wants to one day become an animation artist. I am nurturing the self-esteem, creativity and self-expression of the Aspergers Community so that they, too, can have successful futures and have their dreams become reality.

Why is art important for those with Aspergers?
Art gives people with Aspergers another way to communicate beyond the traditional speech and language. People with Aspergers have communication difficulties. Art allows them to use another form of communication to help them express themselves, and to be understood, more effectively.

Why is ART important to you?
Painting is the easiest way for me to communicate my feelings, hopes and dreams. Art also allows me to communicate things that words could never express.

Why is art vital for personal wellness?
To stay healthy, we all need to express our emotions, values and ideas. Art generates personal exploration through self-expression, relaxation and self-empowerment.

Who inspires you?
Mary Temple Grandin (b.1947) is an American professor of animal science at Colorado State University, best-selling author, autism activist and consultant to the livestock industry on animal behavior. She is the inventor of the “hug box”, a device to calm those on the autism spectrum. In 2010 Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People in the World, she was listed as a “hero”. She was also the subject of the award-winning, biographical film, Temple Grandin.

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