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Nicole Rivera – Master of Arts in Teaching

What is your favorite medium?
My favorite medium probably has to be acrylic…and makeup. I but if I had to classify myself I am would say that I am a mixed media artist. I love the versatility of different items and how it adds interesting texture and visual effect to a piece.

What is your most memorable ART experience?
When I was in 4th grade I illustrated a report I did on Egypt. I got a very positive response when I presented it. It was the first I can remember someone other than my family commenting on my work.

Who or what inspires you?
Fearless beings inspire me. Get rid of fear and pretty much anything is possible.

What is your favorite quote?
Fave quote at the moment: “Go home, Cosmopolitan, you’re drunk.” Referring to their cover they did on the Kardashians as well as some other ridiculous headlines. Its good to call out the tom-foolery when you see it!

Where would you go with a canvas in a paintbrush?
Spain! I’ve always wanted to go there and for some reason I feel like I could retire there even though I’ve never been.

About Nicole Rivera

Nicole V. Rivera is The Art Studio NY’s hugely adored art instructor for early childhood art classes and children’s art events. Through her warm enthusiasm, Nicole engages, entertains and educates children with hands-on art experiences that keep their creativity soaring. Nicole has the perfect balance of creative leader blended with childlike essence. Quite simply, kids LOVE Nicole!

Nicole comes to The Art Studio NY with a rich background in education as well as a professional makeup artistry background. Teaching artistic and creative expression at the early childhood level at The Art Studio NY has allowed Nicole to marry her two passions: art and education. Nicole’s innovative art education approach includes an exciting recipe…. a touch of art history, a dash of art technique, sprinkles of artistic buzzwords that are memorable and relevant to the children, and huge magical doses of artistic self-expression!

Nicole received her Masters in Special Education and Science from Touro College. She earned her BA from Boston University and her BS in Communications and Journalism from Suffolk University. When she’s not inspiring children at The Art Studio NY, Nicole enjoys being a mom to her own creative cutie at home

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