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Keep Your Creativity Alive During These Dark Months

by Kristen Andersen | Dec 18 | #createappreciate


Here in NYC, it’s starting to get dark around 4 pm. Between the remote living and the early moonrise, I’m beginning to feel a sense of disconnect to my state of being. I feel uninspired, unmotivated, and unengaged. 

The brain craves novelty. Research shows that exposing yourself to new stimuli and challenging yourself to create new habits will develop new neural pathways in the brain. To be alive is to be stimulated.  Anything that engages your sensory faculty will connect you to your sense of self. Experiencing the world through your senses will remind you that you are, indeed, alive. Keeping this in mind, there are many exercises you can do each day to fully emerge yourself into the present. 



This is arguably my most indulgent sense. Rummage through your kitchen and savor the different spices and flavors that are special to you. Spend an evening creating a dish that you find comforting. Mindfully snack on a fruit, chew it slowly, pay attention to the splash of stimulation on your taste buds. 


Sniff your favorite perfume. I keep sachets of lavender in every room of the house. Lavender is among many other herbs that are clinically proven to reduce feelings of stress. Brew your favorite tea, fill your home with the aroma of coffee, light a delicious candle. 


To your favorite music. Listen to the vibrations of Tibetan healing bowls. My favorite sound lately has been didgeridoo music. The Polynesian vibrations evoke an interesting sensation from within. Listen to the cars drive past your window. Play an audio of a babbling brook or the white noise of a thunder storm. 


Experience the sensation of a warm bath. Pet your furry kitten or pup. Give your roommate a gorgeous hug. Run your hands across a satin robe. 


Give your sore eyes something pleasant to look at. Create a stunning art piece. Stimulate your brain with bright yellows, moody blues, passionate reds. Learn how to turn a blank piece of paper into a visual masterpiece. 


Art is created through perception.

In times of isolation, your imagination can be your best friend. Keep yourself surrounded by brightness in these dark, winter months. Better yet, now with the power of Zoom online art classes, you can feel inspired by creating alongside others with a similar passion as you. Create art under the instruction of one of NYC’s top rated art professionals. 

The Art Studio USA’s virtual art classes will awaken the fire within you to keep your creativity blazing all throughout these winter months. 

Please visit our winter 2021 class calendar for adults, teens, and kids to see what we have available for you.