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How to Create A Life You Love

by Rebecca Schwieger | Dec 29 | #createthelifeyoulove


Imagine if the sun purposely withheld its rays out of fear, and clouds clung to their raindrops while worrying what fellow moisture-holders thought. Odd, right?
So, why do humans do it? Withhold, fear, cling, worry, people please, hold back from sharing our inner-essence. When you do that, you make the flowers of your life droop and die.
Express every little drop of your you-ness. Let us see you, feel you, be with you in your state of perfect imperfection. You were born for this. To be and express all of you.
You may not see it with your eyes, yet much of what matters most is experienced by the human heart. When you live life with all you’ve got, you share your light, your truth, your you-ness…. and that special magic that only you have echoes and ripples and reaches into every crack and crevice, seen and unseen alike.
You being you, me being me and we being we changes the world. Step by step. Day by day. Dance by dance. Brushstroke by brushstroke. It’s where the healing happens. It’s not always easy, yet it’s always worth it.
Don’t hold back. Take the risk. Paint. Sing. Howl. Have those hard conversations. Stop tiptoeing through life. Cry. Kick like The Rockettes. And please, have some FUN! Wear non-matching striped socks (like me!) if that does it for you. Go dance your pants off, unedited.
Life is now. There is NO tomorrow. It doesn’t yet exist.
Time waits for no one.
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