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by Kristen Andersen | March 18 | @theartstudiony

Grief, depression, anxiety, shame, anger… all unpleasant yet inescapable experiences. 

These negative emotions may become so intense, so debilitating that they get in the way of our daily functioning. It becomes very difficult to remember what happiness was like when all you are feeling is sadness. 

Once I learned that these feelings are almost universal, I felt comforted, in a way. I thought it was amazing how we all struggle with our own internal battles and hide it from each other so well. How do we manage to get out of bed and go to work on the days we feel like there’s nothing worth doing? 

I’ll tell you how we do it; we do it because we are stronger than our mind gives us credit for. Our minds are programmed for self-preservation. It doesn’t want us to go out into the world where we will be exposed to the possibility of getting hurt emotionally or physically. Our minds are like our overprotective and over-bearing mother. At a certain point, you will have to tell yourself “Hey, listen, I know you really love me and I appreciate it, I do… but if you really loved me, you would trust that I am strong enough to face the things that scare me”.

We have to remind ourselves that these tumultuous times will eventually pass. Allow ourselves the allotted time to feel sorry for ourselves, there is no shame in that. It is our job, before anyone else’s, to love ourselves. With love comes forgiveness. Forgive yourself for these negative emotions and the circumstances that preceded your visit from them. 

Remind yourself;

This too shall pass.


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