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How To Create a Life You Love

by Rebecca Schwieger | Jan 20 | @releaseyourcreativity

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” -Carl Jung

Contrast. Light and dark, living in harmony, is what brings a painting to life. Many of us, however, will spend our entire lives suppressing and denying our own contrasting shadows that live inside of ourselves.

Beware. The more you reject your darker side, the bigger and stronger these internal forces grow. Denial feeds the monster.

The challenge. Our shadows are not easy to see. They’re often blind spots! We deny, block and defend against seeing the truth, because shadows feel threatening… and antithetical to what and who we imagine ourselves to be.

What shocked me when I “got” it. Every judgement, finger pointing moment, blame, frustration, and anger I have towards another, or a feeling I have that is “of course” someone else’s fault (aka inner-blamer), is simply a mirror or projection of something that exists within me. We are reflections to and for each other. If you’re wise, you’ll take a deep look in your own mirror.

Go deep or go home. Lately, I’ve been dancing, crying, talking, giggling and cuddling with my shadows. Meet my shadow cast: I have parts of me that are controlling, judgemental blamer, teenage-tough as nails, people-pleasing, a rebel, defensive and defenseless, to name just a few.

Psychologist Carl Jung, “the shadow” superhero, warns that repressing you’re shadows will prevent you from reaching your full potential. When you fail to examine your own shadow, you become a slave to false beliefs, psychic injuries, and the opinions of others- and worst of all, you lack real awareness and acceptance of your true self.

Get to know your shadow. Often, underneath the shadow armor is a part of you that is yearning to be loved, accepted and cared for… by YOU. It may be a bumpy ride at first, and don’t go it alone. Eventually, expect to encounter your greatest teacher, healer, best friend, lover and truth teller. Your own self.

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