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Meditate with ART

Art is a guarantee to sanity.” – Louise Bourgeois, French-American artist

Artwork by Jenny Casey

Creating art can have many benefits, many being studied only in the past couple of decades, but we know that art has many healing powers. Art can also be a wonderful tool to meditate. Many of us picture meditating by sitting on the floor, legs crossed, eyes closed, silence, and hands face-up and rested on each leg, but imagine if meditation was a canvas and brush in hand? We think it’s an incredible idea, and we don’t even need science to prove it, because at The Art Studio NY, we see it all the time. Our students and instructors feel the wonderful impact art has in their life, and how it helps them meditate and escape daily stresses and overwhelming emotions. 

How does ART creates a sense of meditation? 

1. Self- Connect

When you create you are actively using doing something physical and using your hands and also a different part of your brain. Other worries start to be set aside and your “busy” mind is cleared up and open to connecting to deeper feelings and seeing things in a new perspective. 

2. State of Flow

When you create your mind clears up and you have a sense of inner stillness. This stillness can help an artist experience a state of consciousness of being with no judgment, and suddenly body and mind feel free. 

3. Self- Expression

Art is its own language. By expressing the inner core, you are putting pages of a diary on paper, putting all the raw feelings that are past the chatter in the mind on a canvas. 

Do you make time to meditate? What methods do you use? Do you paint? Draw? Listen to music? 

Our weekly art classes will help you create a time and space for artful meditation. 

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