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Meet Artist Kate Mailer; Long Time Student and Friend of The Art Studio NY

by Kristen Andersen and Kate Mailer | Apr 12 | @theartstudiony


The transition from in-person learning to virtual was a swift and unexpected one. Fortunately for us, online learning has been a wonderful opportunity to connect us with not just our usual NYC community, but artists from all over the globe. This week, I’d like to use our blog as a platform to spotlight one of our regular NYC students, Kate Mailer.


Kate has taken art classes at The Art Studio NY’s W96th St location since 2016


“I have been practicing art for many years as a relaxing and meditative activity, but I always and still  feel like a beginner!”


Kate has been practicing art since the 1990s. She started out doing small drawings in colored pencils which led to a further exploration of different mediums– pastels, ephemera, acrylic, oil, and mixed media. Kate even enjoys art in the form of writing!


“What I find with art is, I can do some form of it, whether abstract or figurative,  almost anywhere; inside, outside, alone, and with other people around! I love doing art with kids and chatting to them while we draw or paint together,” Kate wrote. 


Kate was one of the first of our online students when we made the initial transition last March.  When asked how the two modes of learning compare, she says there are upsides to both. 


“I love the in person studio classes at The Art Studio New York. The teachers are all so wonderful and supportive while also offering great advice and tips. I also loved the social aspect of it. I have dear friends from the class and we would often go to lunch afterwards. They are all incredible artists who I am in awe of.”


While we all miss learning in person together at the studio, online classes do have their own advantages. Kate shares, “I have loved the chance to just be at home and have the class available online with all of my materials available and at my fingertips. I also love having the chance to take different courses- two which I have taken steadily- painting with Rebecca and drawing with Amy- as well as some other classes in different mediums- which I would not have done had I had to travel by train to get uptown! The community with my friends has continued and blossomed as we have all taken class together online for almost the whole year! We hope to have lunch in person again, though, at some point.”

My Desk 2020, mixed media by Kate Mailer

Kate’s recent art piece, My Desk 2020, has been the talk of the office lately. Its bright colors catch your eye, while the scrupulous details keep you staring! In Kate’s own words: 


“What initially inspired me was the colors and shapes of the flowers of the central candle holder. I have many such items in my apartment and had just finished a mixed media/ more collage-y  abstract piece that had started with another candle holder. I thought this would be another such mixed media piece but then I got caught up in drawing  and painting other objects on my desk- the spines  of my journals, my paintbrushes in their jar,  an art journal piece I had done. Then I decided that I would include postcards I had been writing to registered voters urging them to vote in local and national elections.  Once I threw in my “I voted” sticker, it became for me, about 2020 and the combination of writing, doing art and engaging in politics. Which is why I included my calendar for 2020.

‘The mediums I used to create the piece were pencil, Caran D’ache Neocolor water based wax pastels. The pastels I used as both watercolor and as a crayon/ drawing tool. I also used black ink. I am quite experienced with these mediums. I’ve used them in many places both at home over this past year and while traveling for many years.”


We are so excited to see what 2021 has in store for Kate’s art practice. Kate, we thank you for your continued support of our studio. The Art Studio NY just wouldn’t have the amiable atmosphere it does if it weren’t for students like you. 



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