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by Rebecca Schwieger| May 9 | @releaseyourcreativity

You are a mother.
I am a mother.
She is. He is. We all are.
And we are all children, too.
On Mother’s Day, the “traditional” type of mother celebrated is a woman who gives birth to a baby. Flesh of her flesh.
I’ve learned that the bravest mothering we can do is, first and foremost, towards our own selves. To love and care and devote ourselves to that child within, to healing the old wounds, showering ourselves with compassion, forgiving our own epic mistakes, and learning to sooth and hold ourselves tight where life hurts the most.
To telling ourselves new stories that feel empowering and hopeful, and to letting go of the old narratives that drag us down. Mothering ourselves births a full embrace, acceptance and expression of our authentic selves.
We love better, bigger and fuller when we first practice self-mothering. The love we give to others- kids, spouses, coworkers, strangers, lovers- is then done with a fullness.
When you can walk through the fire of life and mother yourself through it with a showering of love, you, and every single person you ever touch, will be all the better for it.
It all- everything worthwhile- starts with mothering yourself first.
Happy Mother’s Day to the inner-mother inside of every person on the planet.