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My heart is true – The art from the heart

What is a heARTist?

A heARTist is an artist that lives and expresses him/herself from the heART, because that is where life’s greatest wisdom is born.  Right inside. Everyone is an artist, and EVERYONE can be a heARTist. I promise!  Speaking of promises, I have a handful of solemnly swears just for you.

My promises to you, dear heARTist:

I promise that  life really is your canvas, and you are its true artist. Artists create, that is our gift as humans. We create. You can CREATE joy, beauty and magic every day. That’s what heARTists do.

I promise to rev your creative juices up and bring the artist and heARTist out of you. Get ready to express yourself BIG time.

I promise to be sincere, sassy, serious, silly, sexy, succulent, sensual, strong, and share all possible scintillating aspects of my humanity with you. The intention, of course, is to remind you of how special and singular YOU are.

I promise that I am committed to supporting you in enjoying your life to the fullest while expressing your true authentic self. Share your shine, baby. There’s only one of you, and you are here to sing the song of your heART. Louder, I can’t hear you!

With love from one heARTist to another,

The New York Art Whisperer, Rebecca Schweiger

~ Rebecca Schweiger, copyright 2012

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15-May-2015 05:04 PM


Rebecca- I am inspired by everything that you shared. I’m so excited to hear creative life tips. Thank you! Jen M.
15-May-2015 05:04 PM

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