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New Winter How To Classes 2021

“How to” classes…

We are happy to announce we have added new “How To” art classes to our Winter 2021 line up. Our class schedule now offers “How to” classes for artists with a specific goal in mind! 


The Art Studio NY and USA’s online art classes will provide live technique demonstrations. Our virtual art studio provides a safe space to develop your skill alongside your peers. In these relaxed and encouraging online art classes, you will receive step-by-step guidance and nurturing art instruction by a professional New York City artist.


For Adults

All of our offered online watercolor classes will deepen your knowledge of color mixing and how to create color palettes that are expressive and beautiful. Our live watercolor classes online will teach you how to create and build texture, composition, both abstract and realistic painting techniques, layering of paint, expressive mark making, and more!


Watercolor class: How to Paint Flowers

Create beautiful bouquets, daisies, roses, and everything in between.

This class is available as a one time workshop or an eight-week series. 

Watercolor class: How to Paint Birds

Learn the foundational techniques needed to paint the birds you see in your own backyard. You will leave this class with the resources and confidence to create a bird painting of any kind.

Perfect for those who want to begin painting at home, but don’t know how to start!


Portraits and Figure Drawing

This class will nurture your inner-artist and you will feel inspired as you deepen your practice of portrait and figure drawing. Drawing techniques including quality lines, identifying form and big planes, contrasts and counterpoints, line of gravity, gesture drawing, mark making, drapery and textures,  light and shadow, blending and edge control. Create a variety of artworks, including specific features like eyes, hands, lips, arms, and selected subject matter of your choice.

“How to” classes For Kids

How to Draw Animals 

Ages 9-12 

In this class, students will learn artistic techniques through drawing,  including how to draw animal faces, bodies, proportions, textures for fur, scales and wings, shading and shadowing, making things 3-dimensional, colored pencil color mixing, color layering, and more!

Students will receive step by step instruction on how to draw a wide range of animals, such as pandas, penguins, cats, koala bears, parrots, foxes, unicorns, dolphins, snow leopards, and more! 

How to Draw Portraits 

Ages 9-12

In this interactive and upbeat drawing class, kids will learn how to draw everything as they master drawing techniques such as shading, composition, detail, 3D effect, contrast, mark making, personal expression, and more.


How to Draw Comics

This is a class for all comic book, manga, and cartoon lovers who are eager to express themselves creatively AND have FUN in the process! This engaging and inspiring cartoon drawing art class will teach your child specific comic, cartoon, and manga drawing techniques combined with the encouragement for personal self-expression. Specifically, students will develop their own unique, personal drawing style while learning how to draw faces, living figures in motion, develop comics, cartoons, and manga characters



Check out our adult art class calendar and kids art class calendar to see all available classes!
Don’t see anything that quite covers your goal? Contact us at to inquire about setting up a private online painting lesson or online drawing lesson.