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NYC Painting Classes’ Lead Student Becomes Gallery Exhibiting Artist

Although Jenny Casey, an Art Director and fine artist in Brooklyn, New York, could be creative in her day job, Jenny craved to practice her fine art, as she hadn’t painted since college. She discovered The Art Studio NY and has been taking NYC art classes there for over seven years. Through these years, she has developed a bold, powerful, abstract style of painting.

“The Art Studio NY not only gave me a place to create art in their NYC painting classes, but I also have an amazing art community and family there. I wanted to take an art class that wasn’t demanding, but still pushed me to the next level creatively, and this art studio does just that. It’s a weekly getaway where I can release my raw emotions on canvas and clear out the stresses from the day,” shares Jenny.

As Jenny reflected on her creative art class journey, she shared, “My teacher, Edward Holland, had a great way of comparing life to art in our NYC art classes. If I was stuck on what to do next with a painting and feeling like it had to be perfect, he encouraged me to try something totally different and make it my own. I learned to not allow the painting to control me, rather to trust the process. I find this to be reflective of the need to try to be ‘perfect’ in our day-to-day lives. It is beneficial to push myself to try new things and get out of my comfort zone. This teaching, and others, have made a huge impact on my creative journey, and I’m so grateful to The Art Studio NY for that.”

Jenny began exhibiting her vibrant, abstract, mixed-media artwork in 2013, and has been featured in art galleries throughout the country, including Walter Wickiser Gallery in NYC, the SOFA Art Fair in Chicago, and the Torpedo Factory Art Center in Virginia.

When it comes to her NYC painting classes, Jenny’s paintings are inspired by her passion to express raw emotions and vulnerability on canvas. She paints in a meditative way, and her artwork stems from her own thoughts and feelings, evolving from one to the next, while incorporating bold colors and textures that evoke a sculptural feel on canvas. Her work depicts feelings of release, while simultaneously balancing the process of refinement and restraint.

Jenny’s latest artwork is currently exhibited in downtown Stamford, Connecticut, at 95 Bedford Street, throughout July. For more information, visit or follow her on Instagram, at @jcasey_creative.