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Day in and day out, people tell me they are not creative. When you realize that you have an inner-resource (yes, you are an artist, you might just not know it yet!) that you never knew existed, it is life-changing. You then ask yourself, “What else am I capable of that I never imagined possible?” 

Unlock your creativity and enjoy a taste of art with our NEW 1-day workshops. You’ll discover a gift that will change your life: The gift of your authentic self-expression. 
With love,
Rebecca Schweiger 

Learn more about our kids art classes and after school art programs in NYC. Also, try our a 1-time adult workshop art class this season and get a taste for art, or try a new medium! Click Here to learn more.

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Love is a Verb: Start With Yourself 

Everyone wants to feel loved, heard, seen and understood. From a young age, every person turns to immediate family for this ongoing daily dose of care. If you were lucky, love flowed steadily and was generously given to you by others. 

As you grew into an adult, even in the best of family upbringings, you likely discovered ways that you needed and longed to be loved yet did not ever receive. Shadows and wounds crept up and in when you realized that, at times, your emotional needs didn’t feel important. Or, maybe you were made to feel invisible now and then. Whatever your wound looks like, likely, a parental figure didn’t give you the love you fully needed to thrive. 

Hurts and disappointments were tucked away, only to be discovered years later as you became an adult. Even if your parents were Mother Theresa and Ghandi, they, too, are imperfect, and likely couldn’t have given you every ounce of love you needed and deserved. 

As an adult, you have the opportunity to create your “love committee”. Love is not only a feeling, love is a verb. It is expression in action. While another human is likely incapable of meeting EVERY single one of your needs, the one person who IS available for that level of active love is your own self. 

How do you speak to yourself when you make a mistake? Are you forgiving and understanding, or do you call yourself “stupid” with frustration? How do you treat yourself in times of failure? Do you speak to yourself like a loving parent would to their young child, or do you criticize yourself and engage in self beat-up? Do you look at yourself in the mirror and see your beauty or criticize your imperfections, wishing for a different reflection in return? Do you give space to nurture your dreams, or do you belittle your heart’s desires?

Self-love is possibly one of the most transformative spiritual practices you can create in your life. It starts with you taking a stand with and for yourself. This daily practice leads you to become your biggest fan, most reliable friend and greatest hero. 

As an exercise, look at yourself in the mirror for just two minutes every day. Tell yourself, out loud, the things you wish you had heard as a child, but didn’t. “I’m here with you. I love you. I see you. Let me care for you. You’ve got this. You are deserving. Your needs matter. You are so, so beautiful.”

Speak to yourself in a way that fills you with care. It may feel awkward at first (anything new feels awkward or scary, so don’t let that be an excuse), but just like falling in love with another person takes time, give yourself time to nurture a love story that will carry you through for the rest of your life. Love is a verb, and giving love to yourself is perhaps the most impactful and sustaining love you’ll ever know.

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“Couples bond with each brushstroke!”

Date night Paint & Sip parties provide a warm, nurturing experience that encourages a meaningful experience with your loved one. Studies show that by creating together and bonding it increases oxytocin levels, which builds a healthier relationship. No matter your skill level, you can enjoy a unique creative experience.

Sign up for an art classes with your special someone at The Art Studio NY. 

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Your Most Important Artwork is Your Life

I’m constantly awestruck by the magic of painting. Once a blank white canvas, now a world of a color, spirit and feeling stare back at me. Did I really create that from scratch? Yes. 

You wake up everyday with a blank canvas in front of you. What you create, what stares back at you in your own mirror, is entirely in your hands. How will you interact with the world and what will your impact be? What decisions will you make and how will they impact your tomorrows? How will you navigate not only joy but sorrow, fear and the difficult conversations that you need to have with yourself and others? What mark will you leave on the people you engage with at work, at home, on the subway? Who will you choose to forgive so your canvas is lighter and free? What actions will you take so you’re one step closer to your hopes and dreams? 

This is what it means to be an everyday artist. You live, choose and create, consciously, the canvas of your own life. Layer by layer, moment by moment, day by day, you create your own masterpiece.

Rebecca Schweiger

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Penn Station is one of my LEAST favorite spots in NYC. I’ve been known to say I hate it (and “hate” isn’t a word I use much). The noise, the crowds, the shlepping, the pushing and shoving!

And yet, today, I decided to flip this familiar canvas upside down. Instead of grumbling, I chose to create a personal “gratitude scavenger hunt” where I consciously noticed what I felt grateful for in good old Penn Station!

Instead of noticing (and grumbling some more) what I felt annoyed, frustrated and stressed by, a simple attitude adjustment allowed my eyes to brighten with how much I DID like!

And, when it was time to board my train, I felt something I never could have imagined. I was HAPPY! There were so many moments of joy in this place where previously, I only saw dark clouds. One inner adjustment can change how you experience your day and your life.

My Top 10 Gratitude Moments at Penn Station: 
1- LOVE. The Babylon train line brings me to one of my favorite places on ? earth. My grandparents’ home. 
2- SAFETY. In one of the most crowded spots in NYC, I feel that national security has my back. 
3- STRENGTH. My strong, healthy body that can walk, see, and navigate crowds & can carry a heavy suitcase. 
4- HEALTHY food options. And tons of variety. The gorgeous smoothie I ordered… with the PB and almond milk I like.
5- DIVERSITY. Religions, cultures, skin colors, ages, languages, nationalities. We are in it together. 
6- MUSIC. Amazing live music and great acoustics!
7- NEW INVENTIONS, such as lighter weight luggage with 360 wheels. They weren’t always like that! 
8- ARRIVING EARLY and not rushing. Not one person bumped into me!
9- FREEDOM to go where I want to go, see who I want to see and be who I want to be. 
10- CREATING a new attitude. Who knew that I could so easily transform a place I disliked into a canvas of gratitude? I even look forward to going back for more!


Rebecca Schweiger

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Stress Relief / Self-Esteem
Science has proven that making art helps children and adults relieve stress while embracing imperfections. No one is ever too young to learn the value of self-acceptance and self-love, which helps children grow into adults with higher self-esteem, a major key to a healthy and successful life. 

Improves Brain Functioning
Multiple studies in the past several years have shown that art improves healthy brain development and leads to greater social and academic success in children. When kids engage in art classes, their problem solving and critical thinking skills, attention, motivation, literacy abilities, and communication skills strengthen for the rest of their lives. This leads to higher academic achievement in math, science and languages, and it results in higher test scores.

Self-Expression / Communication Skills
Art can be used to express emotions where words cannot. Kids don’t always have the appropriate language to express their inner-world, and art is a vital tool that allows children to communicate effectively. In an age where many people feel that they are not “good enough” or that they “don’t matter,” art provides children and adults with confidence and self-empowerment. Through creating art, children learn that they MATTER and that their thoughts and feelings are valid. This, in turn, allows children to know their own worth while raising their confidence as human beings.

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By Tracey Vorus 

I came to painting accidentally. I didn’t expect to love painting as much as I do, but it has become the best part of my week. As a teenager, I spent time drawing and exploring crochet and needlework… but I stopped all of it when I went to college. 

Over the decades, I’ve dabbled in other creative activities like cooking and knitting, yet none were entirely fulfilling. Recently, I needed something new to channel a sudden (middle-age?) intensification of a creative juices. 

Between the demands of work and children, there is so little time to clear my head and have time for my own experience. As a mother of two boys, a psychotherapist with a full-time practice, and a wife, I have one big crazy schedule. When I spotted the 11 am Oil Painting Class at The Art Studio NY, I jumped on it! That was three years ago, and there hasn’t been a semester I’ve missed yet.

Besides a way to express my creativity, painting has become an escape and a form of meditation.  That is what painting provides: time to slow down, focus on what is in front of me, and reflect on shape, color, movement, stillness, composition, materials, and anything else I can think up.

I can commit to something, and then completely change my mind; it is entirely up to meIt’s soothing and energizing and relaxing and exciting, all at the same time.

I feel quite proud of the work I do and I can’t believe how much I’ve developed in such a short period of time. I also didn’t expect the way in which the class has developed into its own little community. We are all such different people, of divergent backgrounds and personalities, with skill levels and artistic bents all over the map. But we all provide great support, friendship and honest feedback for each other, and The Art Studio NY has become real artistic home for me.

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School systems left and right are making decisions that are hurting our children. Throughout the United States, schools are cutting art programs for all the wrong reasons. Why replace the arts with “more important” subjects such as math and science? In fact, studies now PROVE that art classes LEAD to greater academic achievement!

The myth that art is a luxury must be corrected. Scientific research shows that creative exploration and artistic activities spark the foundation of a child’s brain development, their emotional intelligence and boosts social skills. If that’s not proof enough of why children need art, evidence shows that a child’s ongoing engagement in art classes leads to improved academic performance, enhanced life skills (that translate into more successful lives later in life), and increased self-esteem. 

A recent article on shared the results of studies that show a correlation between art and academic achievements. The impact of regular exposure to creativity results in higher test scores, as the article stated, “A report by Americans for the Arts states that young people who participate regularly in the arts are FOUR TIMES more likely to be recognized for academic achievement.”

While kids love to get their hands dirty with paint, the benefits of art classes for kids extend far beyond the creation of a pretty picture. Many studies now show that children regularly engaged in creativity, such as painting and drawing classes, develop a greater capacity for problem solving, risk taking, visual understanding, out-of-the-box thinking, and communication skills. These are vital life skills that allow a child to grow and develop into successful and healthy adult.

Most importantly, psychologists report that when children are encouraged to express themselves creatively, they develop a sense of confidence and healthy self-esteem about who they are in the world as well as how to make critical decisions throughout their lives. Dr. Kerry Freedman, Head of Art and Design at Northern Illinois University, is committed to spreading this very message. “Children need to know more about the world than just what they can learn through text and numbers. Art education teaches students how to interpret, criticize, and use visual informational, and how to make choices based on it.” A child that believes in themselves while also learning how to make healthy choices and critical decisions ultimately grows into a successful adult that will feel empowered to navigate life’s challenges and successes with a sense of self-worth, clarity and healthy self-empowerment.

What do you think about art education for children? How has art influenced YOUR life? Share in the comments below! 

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