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#1 Rated Art Classes in New York City!

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” -Pablo Picasso

Do you want your child to feel free to express themselves? At The Art Studio NY, your child will flourish in our art classes. Our instructors are patient and caring, our materials are exciting, and the environment is nurturing. Our Summer Art Camp is always very popular, and offers kids and teens drawing, painting, mixed-media, and even YOGA! We thought, if kids LOVE our art summer camps, why not offer it for… SPRING BREAK!

Our creative oasis is now open to kids from ages 5-12 from Monday, April 6 – Friday, April 10, 2015. We offer half day and full days, PLUS you can pick the days or pay for the full week! So while parents are busy still at work, and dreaming they were at art camp – kids can create, play, and make new friends!

For more details about our Spring Break Art Camp and Summer Art Camp, visit us at

Did you know that art is GOOD for kids? Yes! Art improves concentration, social skills, and test scores! Studies show that art helps with fine motor skills, gives children more confidence, and makes them smarter.

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20-Jul-2018 11:11 AM

Melissa Arnaud

Please send me Art Camp information. I have a 12 year old daughter that is very gifted in art. We are from Texas and would love to visit Art for Spring Break

It may be 30 degrees outside, but we’re already planning for a beautiful and creative SUMMER! Our Summer Camp schedule is up, and NYC kids can enjoy a day of painting, drawing, making new friends, and expressing their creativity at The Art Studio NY.

At The Art Studio NY, we offer Art Summer Camp for ages 4-16! Your child will thrive in our warm, nurturing and FUN creative summer art camp adventure. In this joyous, active and unique summer art camp experience that is loved by parents and kids alike, our young artists-in-the-making have a blast daily as they:

  • Create multiple art projects through painting, drawing, mixed-media & more
  • Receive one-on-one art instruction with professional artists
  • Enjoy customized, encouraging art studio instruction
  • Discover the world of famous artists and artistic play
  • Move and groove through dance, music and yoga
  • Tap into creativity with child-friendly paintings on canvas, pastels, collage, papers, charcoal, inks, and a variety of magical hands-on art projects and materials
  • Practice true self-expression
  • Celebrate with a final art exhibition for children, friends and family

  • The Art Studio NY’s Just 4 Kids and Just 4 Teens unique summer art camp program nurtures your child with the freedom to create, celebrate, learn and thrive through joyful artistic creativity. Through our #1-Rated art classes in NYC, small groups and customized one-on-one instruction is provided for children by our caring, enthusiastic, talented and experienced art instructors. Kids explore an exciting variety of art materials, art projects, and art techniques. The true happiness of authentic self-expression is enjoyed every single day, all week long, in our much raved about summer art camps for kids in New York City.

    Learn more about upcoming summer art camp for kids in NYC. We are located on the UWS, but kids and teens come in from Brooklyn, lower Manhattan, and New Jersey just experience our unique and creative approach to art!

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    “Every artist was first an amateur” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

    Do you remember the first time you picked up a paint brush? Even the 10th time could have felt a little tricky and perhaps frustrating. The best way to follow your dreams professionally, creatively, or personally is to never give up! Yes, you’ve heard it before, but just keep going and don’t put don’t that paintbrush!

    As CEO and Founder of The Art Studio NY, I’ve seen students grow from a 1-Nite BYOB Painting Party to our Dare to Oil Painting Class. I’ve seen students take a few private art lessons and then months later exhibit their artwork in a NYC art gallery!

    As an artist, I am always growing. New ideas, techniques, and inspiration come together on a NEW canvas!

    Here are a few paintings in progress from a Dare to Oil Painting Class I teach on the UWS in New York City. Many of these students come back for more ART, and every time I am impressed and inspired by their creative growth.

    Learn more about upcoming art classes for adults and children at The Art Studio NY. The Art Studio NY offers BYOB Painting Parties, Private Art Lessons, Creative Corporate Events, Birthday Parties, Oil Painting Classes, Drawing Classes, Watercolor Classes, Mixed Media Art Classes, and more! Don’t miss out on NEW winter sessions. Visit

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    “You know what the difference is between a dream and a goal?
    … A plan.” – Jodi Picoult

    What is your goal for 2015? Perhaps it is to exercise more, spend more time with family and friends… or maybe you strive to feed your creative soul!

    How will you make sure that you are committed to your dream? Recognizing your goal is the first step, but then what do you do to achieve it? Setting aside time and putting it in your calendar is a good way to make sure that you focus on your goal.

    At The Art Studio NY, we constantly hear from our students that taking an art class is “the best part of my week.” Students set aside time to focus on themselves and their personal goals. Students take a minimum of 2 hours once a week to paint, relax, reflect, and CREATE.

    With art classes such as oil painting, figure drawing, mixed media art, or self-expression painting classes, everyone is able to find the right class to make their creative dreams come true! Plus with classes for kids and teens, ART is for EVERY AGE. No matter your age you can always create, set new goals, and dream new dreams!

    Cheers to a healthy, happy, and creative 2015!

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    Looking for a holiday gift is not an easy process. You have relatives, friends, coworkers…but don’t fret! At The Art Studio NY, we’ve got you covered. We have creative holiday gifts for everyone on your list! You’ll be supporting the arts, and at the same time supporting a local business! (#shopsmall is this Saturday 11/29)

    Creative Holiday Gifts for HER:


    nudes Give the gift of creative fulfillment with a relaxing and self-expressive 7-week painting or drawing class! Open to all levels, for beginners and seasoned artists alike, your loved one will choose any art class they would like while they:

  • Receive customized, one-on-one expert painting art instruction based on personal needs and interests
  • Explore and improve on foundational techniques including: color, tone/value, texture usage, traditional and non-traditional materials usage, composition, glazing, brushwork, personal imagery, paint application, the art of combining art mediums, and more!
  • Feel inspired by subject matter, such as: abstraction, realism, landscape, art history, and personally chosen subject matter
  • Create multiple artworks to hang at home!
  • Receive the lasting therapeutic health benefits of art classes, such as relaxation, stress relief and mental clarity

  • Some classes she can pick from include:
    Beginner’s Painting 101
    Dare to Oil Paint
    Beginner’s Acrylic Painting Class
    Intro to Watercolor
    Beginner’s Drawing and Painting Class
    …and more!

    Creative Holiday Gifts for HIM:

    1-Nite BYOB Painting Class Party Starting at $49

    Give him a chance to uncork his creative expression and respire his inner artist in The Art Studio NY’s popular 1-Nite Painting pARty…. in only one night! In this step-by-step, brushstroke-by-brushstroke painting experience, your holiday gift will provide your loved one with the opportunity to:

  • Learn a variety of painting techniques, such as: color mixing, brushwork, composition, texture, and most importantly, how to relax, have fun and feel inspired while you joyfully express yourself through art
  • Enjoy one-on-one encouraging attention and guidance from an expert art instructor as you paint & sip the night away!

  • What could be better… He will walk away with a finished masterpiece with his signature on it by the end of the night! Most materials included. 1-Nite Painting Parties are offered weekly at The Art Studio NY, choose a date for the group class of your choice with this gift!
    Price for 1 person: $79 $49
    Price for 2 people: $158 $89
    Price for 4 people: $316 $150

    Creative Holiday Gifts for TWO:


    Enjoy the calm of candles, wine, rose petals and creative expression in this romantic date night to remember! In this step-by-step, brushstroke-by-brushstroke painting experience, you and your sweetie will work as a team to create a masterpiece together. With expert art instruction and tailor-made guidance, you will choose an image that is meaningful to you and allow that to inspire your very own painting created together.Learn a variety of painting techniques, such as: color mixing, texture use, composition, and most importantly, how to relax, connect to one another, and feel inspired while you joyfully express yourselves together through art.
    No prior art experience necessary, total beginners welcome and encouraged.What’s included: One bottle of red or white wine per couple, candles, abundance of fresh flowers, expert art instruction, and all art supplies.
    2.5 Hour Experience
    Private for 1 Couple: $375
    2-3 Couples: $499


    A Unique Wine & Painting NYC Date Night!
    As seen in New York Magazine

    Uncork your creative expression with your sweetie on a Saturday night! Sip your favorite wine, enjoy unlimited inspiration and connect as a couple as you re-spark your inner-artists and create a BE-YOU-tiful painting to hang in your home…. During just one date night! In this step-by-step, brushstroke-by-brushstroke NYC couples painting class experience, you will:

  • Learn a variety of painting techniques
  • Receive tailor-made instruction in color mixing, brushwork, composition, texture, and more
  • Relax, have fun, and feel inspired while you joyfully express yourself through art
  • Create one painting on canvas together while you enjoy one-on-one encouraging guidance from your expert art studio instructor
  • Paint & sip the night away!
  • Walk away with a finished masterpiece with your signatures on it by the end of this couples date night

  • All materials included. We supply a 16″ x 20″ canvas per couple.
    All are welcome, including total beginners!
    BYOB, 2-Hour Experience
    Price (for 2): $95

    2-hour customized art class
    Up to 3 people: $250
    Up to 5 people: $300
    The perfect holiday gift in NYC for children and parents alike! The best gift for creative budding artists who are eager to express themselves creatively AND have an incredible amount of fun in the process! In our #1-Rated art lessons in NYC for kids, children will:

  • Learn to express themselves authentically and freely through art
  • Create a tailor made art project, such as a painting, drawing, collage or mixed-media art project
  • Learn a wide variety of art techniques
  • Receive nurturing one-on-one expert art instruction
  • Feel proud as they finish beautiful artwork to exhibit at home
  • Learn about famous artists and artistic styles
  • Enjoy high quality art supplies to experiment and explore

  • CAN’T DECIDE? We also offer Gift Certificates!

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    BYOB Painting Parties are all the rage, and we totally understand why! Everyone needs a little inspiration, creativity, and ART in their life! Our BYOB Painting parties are exactly the place to nurture your soul, enjoy some bubbly, and leave with a finished painting to hang up on your wall.

    A BYOB Painting Party is great for girls night out, date nights, fundraisers, and corporate events! Learn more.

    For a limited time only SAVE up to $89 on a BYOB Painting Party. $79 $40 for 1 person or $158 $69 for 2 people. JOIN THE PARTY!

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    Often times our fears control us and prevent us from living to our full potential. At The Art Studio NY, many beginners come in and are nervous to take their first art class. In some cases, they haven’t picked up a crayon since the second grade. We try to ease their anxiety regarding their new art project and encourage them to try new materials. They are always extremely amazed at their hidden talents, and feel proud of their artwork.

    An art class is similar to life. If we are able to let go of our fears, we will be surprised by what we can accomplish. Life is messy, and art mirrors life. So, let go, and CREATE.

    How is fear preventing you from living the life you imagined?

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    “The stARTing point of all achievement is desire.” -Napolean Hill

    Come celebrate the 10th anniversary of The Art Studio NY THIS SUNDAY, September 14th! THANK YOU for 10 fulfilling years of creativity, inspiration, self-expression and love!

    Please RSVP HERE and SHARE with your friends who need a CREATIVE ESCAPE! Get ready for a fun day of ART & SOUL for all ages (kids and families, 12-2p, adults only, 4-7p). I’m so excited for our surprise art projects, huge raffle prizes, face and body painting, live jazz, art exhibits, and raising our glasses to 10 years of ART & SOUL.

    It’s time to celebrate together!


    PS. Fall Art Classes are FILLING UP! REGISTER HERE for your weekly creative escape!

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    Teach your child how to make their dreams come true…


    Budding artist, Tal, age 15, has taken art classes and art camp at The Art Studio NY since she was 6 years old. Tal shares, “I now know how to make my dreams come true. I know how to think and live creativity. The Art Studio NY taught me that.”

    Flip flops, pool parties, BBQ’s, and ART… it’s finally summer! At The Art Studio NY, we celebrate the birth of summer with our popular children’s summer art camps. Eager kids and teens learn what it means to be authentic in their creativity, their self-expression, and their JOY. To see children of all ages and backgrounds smiling from ear to ear as they learn, laugh, and explore through The Art Studio NY art camp is, hands down, one of the sweetest gifts of my summer. How are you encouraging your children to dream in their lives?

    If your child is between the ages of 4-17, encourage them to dream this summer through kid art and creativity.

    The Art Studio NY’s Just 4 Kids and Just 4 Teens unique summer art camp program nurtures your child with the freedom to create, celebrate, learn and thrive through joyful artistic creativity. Through our #1-Rated art classes in NYC, small groups and customized one-on-one instruction is provided for children by our caring, enthusiastic, talented and experienced art instructors. Kids explore an exciting variety of art materials, art projects, and art techniques. The true happiness of authentic self-expression is enjoyed every single day, all week long, in our much raved about summer art camps for kids in New York City.

    It is guaranteed that in addition to your child having an enormous amount of fun, kids will also benefit from what every parent wants for their children most:

  • Art is directly related to children’s increased happiness and overall wellbeing.
  • Art allows children to relax and relieve stress while having fun!
  • Kids need to express their true selves freely (and they can make a mess in our studio, too, and come home to you mess- free!)
  • Art provides a productive social environment that builds vital social skills.
  • Art lessons are directly linked to a child’s healthy brain development.
  • Art enhances creative problem solving, Focus and memory.
  • Art builds self-esteem.
  • Art is safe, healthy and FUN!
  • Art teaches children how to use their imagination, dream, and create in their lives.
  • Contact The Art Studio NY HERE and give your child an opportunity that will last a lifetime. Teach them how to make their dreams come true.

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    Do You Want Better Health and Wealth?
    You want to be happy. You want to be healthy. Who doesn’t?

    You want, want, want and want. We all do. Wanting without action is a dead-end road. Wanting without doing is the fast track highway to nowheresville. And, let’s be honest. No one wants nowheresville.

    So, you say you want great health and happiness?

    In this inspiring CNN article, Columnist Amanda Enayati explores the theme of seeking inner-peace, the quest for well-being and overall life balance in stressful times. Her answer? Creativity and art.

    I couldn’t agree more. Take a step towards a more fulfilling life for yourself. Express who you are. Choose art.Your body, mind and soul will thank you for it.

    TAKE ACTION, grab hold of your well-being, and unlock your creativity by visiting The Art Studio NY at

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    Spring is springing, and every single person I speak with keeps groaning, “Enough with this endless winter!”
    Put your huge puffy winter coat in the back of your closet, because it is time to CELEBRATE spring with our 2-week 50% OFF BUCKET LIST BYOB ART CLASS celebration!
    All classes are under $30. Can you beat that? I didn’t think so.
    Grab your friends, a bottle of wine, and cross that painting class off your bucket list. Rated the #1 Art Studio in New York City, choose from:
    BYOB Painting Party Classes
    BYOB Pastel Painting Classes
    BYOB Figure Drawing & Painting Classes
    Painting & Mixed Media Expression Art Classes
    April 14-23, Limited spots available.
    Visit to save your spot!

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    Love is in the air, so celebrate… with art? Yes, art. Drinks at a snazzy lounge is so last year. Celebrate the power of love and creativity with The Art Studio NY as you enjoy a romantic date night art class that will have you and your sweetie sipping wine, feeding chocolates to one another, and making an artistic masterpiece with your signatures on it.

    Did I mention that New York Magazine has our art studio Date Night at the top of their list for Valentine’s Day this year?

    Express your love on canvas HERE. Limited spots available.

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    I just knew that this was going to be a LOVE STORY.

    Nearly three years ago, a handsome, nervously excited man strolled into my art studio, and I just knew. I knew that this man before me was on the brink of falling madly in love.

    As Mitch Siegel and I met for his first private art lesson at The Art Studio NY, he excitedly flipped through his tiny 3″ x 5″ sketch book filled with colored pencil drawings of the afterlife and other unknown dimensions of life. It became instantly clear to me that Mitch wasn’t a newbie to art. In fact, Mitch could no longer deny his inner-maddening itch that begged him to return to the fulfillment, sense of purpose, and passion he had known 25 years earlier from his days of studying art at Pratt Institute, one of New York’s most prestigious universities of art.

    In our first art lesson together, Mitch massaged his paintbrush doused with acrylic paint onto a larger-than-usual blank canvas. His eyes sparkled, his mouth arched like a cheshire cat, and right before me, I watched Mitch fall in love.

    A wise teacher always told me that happiness is an “inside job”. Mitch tapped a wellspring of love and happiness that had always been inside of him but had been laying dormant. Mitch was seeking an inner-aliveness and authenticity that we all long for, he was hungry to embody and express his true self. In a matter of three private art lessons, Mitch journeyed home within himself to the greatest love of all. Get inspired as you read my interview with Mitch Siegel, and learn how YOU can fall in love, too. Love is for everyone, and so is art.

    What need has art fulfilled in your life? What problem does art solve for you in your life? 

    Since I had stopped using my creative energy, I felt like I was dying inside. Returning to my art gave me several vital things: a form of self-expression, a sense of fulfillment, inner peace and renewed joy. Returning to my art brought purpose back to my life. Art allows me to actively do and be involved with what I’m most passionate about. Art answers the questions of who am I. It brings all of the pieces of my life together, art gives me a sense of wholeness and a clear identity as an artist. When people ask me what I do, I can now say proudly say, “I am an artist”. 

    Sum up your experience of your art classes at The Art Studio NY in six adjectives.

    Inspiring, euphoric, exhilarating, loving, safe, and life-changing.

    Tell me about yourself. How did you become interested in art?

    I have been creative since childhood, and I began drawing and painting at a very early age. After high school, I attended Pratt Institute and studied Graphic Design and Advertising. I had a successful 25-year career as a Creative Director in the advertising industry. After the 25 years, I dusted off my easel and found my way back to painting as a form of self-expression. The last few years have been the most rewarding time of inner-fulfillment for me.

    What was going on in your life at the time that you chose to take an art class at The Art Studio NY? 

    I was searching for a way back to painting after many years away from it, much due to the demands of my career in advertising, a 24/7 industry. I essentially told myself for dozens of years that there was no time for me to paint. It seemed private lessons would be the only viable option, so the question became: Where do I find a reputable and trustworthy place in NYC that also wouldn’t break the bank? I found The Art Studio NY online. I was very impressed with Rebecca’s paintings and delighted to learn that she also taught privately. After just a few art classes with Rebecca Schweiger, TASNY’s Founder, I was artistically “back” and totally hooked on painting again. It quickly became apparent that The Art Studio NY was a vibrant and fulfilling venue where self-expression was highly regarded. When I began working with Rebecca privately, I was ecstatic. She was a total inspiration. Her method of teaching pours out from her heart and soul. We had an outstanding time painting and in almost no time, we also became fast friends. Her support and encouragement eventually led me to the decision to share a studio with another TASNY artist. I’ve since had a 3-month exhibit of my work at The Mercedes House in New York City, which was covered in the press, and I built a website exhibiting my artwork.

    Art classes are scary for many people. What advice do you have to those that are afraid?

    Fear is natural whenever you try something new. Cast it aside! Jump in, don’t hold back, and try one-on-one classes for awhile.

    As a father of two children, how do you think art can positively affect our children today?

    Art gives children the chance to exercise their creative abilities and build positive feelings of inner self-worth.

    Tell me about your own artwork and the emotional rewards of being an artist. 

    When I paint, I become particularly focused and in tune with my inner art voice. It also feels wonderful to instinctively be able to use my God-given talent. The talents which God gives to each of us is His gift to us; what we do with those God-given talents is our gift to Him. When I use those gifts, expression seems to pour out of me. Being an artist means I have a true and honest voice that I can reflect on canvas. I trust that voice and have faith that it reflects a powerful message. Being an artist also reflects my independence from traditional corporate America. I can make a living and not be dependent on an advertising agency or any other corporate entity. I can dare to dream my dreams and make them happen apart from society’s or anyone else’s expectations of me. 

    Do you ever feel that your artwork isn’t “good enough”, and if so, how do you respond to that feeling/thought?

    I feel like I am on a continuum, a journey, a pilgrimage, and my art is always maturing. When I do feel attacked with feelings of negativity, I try not to dwell on them. I remind myself that I have faith in my artwork and that it continues to develop. 

    What are the greatest benefits you’ve received from art and art classes?

    To trust my instincts, there are no mistakes, just do it, and to imagine a future with my art at the center of my life.

    To learn more about Mitch Siegel and to purchase his artwork, visit:

    See Mitch’s most recent paintings for sale at :

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    I received a letter in the mail yesterday with a message that I cannot stop thinking about. It moved me so much that I need to share it with you. As 2013 closes and the blank canvas of 2014 begins, please remember the following:

    “This is the season of miracles. We are asked to reflect and appreciate all that has blessed our lives. Your MERE EXISTENCE IS THE GREATEST GIFT .It is an absolute miracle that all of your ancestors survived, by design or change, to reproduce and create yet another. SO HERE YOU ARE, FULL OF POSSIBILITY AND CREATIVITY.You’ve always beaten the odds. May your journey into the new year reflect the miracle that is you.” (written by Sydney Mulligan)

    As 2014 is born, so are your new dreams and desires. Here are 5 ways to make your dreams come true in 2014.

    1. QUIET DOWN: Creativity requires incubation periods where new ideas are born. Give yourself quiet time ask yourself, “What do I truly desire in this new year?”

    2. VISUALIZE: SEE yourself, detailed in your imagination, embarking upon new experiences that are meaningful to you. Start planting the seeds of your new dreams and desires and SEE them as realities starting to take place.

    3. ACTION: Ideas without action are dead ends. What action steps will you take to support the actualization of your dreams? On a piece of paper out, write out a timeline for action steps towards your dreams. Make it real and measurable.

    4. CREATE: Creativity is the force within you that turns dreams into realities. Creativity is vision in action. Commit to at least one action step per week, and mark it in your calendar so you are accountable.

    5. GRATITUDE: An attitude of gratitude fills you with appreciation for where you’ve been, where you are, and where you are going. Before going to sleep every night, think of 5 things you are grateful for. The more you practice your gratitude, the more you will celebrate every step of your dreams coming true.

    The Art Studio NY wishes you and your loved ones a new year of your dreams coming true!

    Painting by Rebecca Schweiger, 48″ x 60″, Mixed Media on Canvas, 2013

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    Art+SOUL Vacation in Costa Rica… Are You Ready for Paradise?

    Mexico. Tuscany, Italy. Israel. California. And my personal favorite, my own Garden of Eden, Costa Rica. All true slices of paradise, and all locations where I bring creatives, artists and art-lovers (beginners and advanced alike!) to de-stress, unplug, and reconnect to what matters most… your happiness, your well-being and your authentic self-expression.

    In this demanding, overly fast-paced world that you and I live in (sometimes it’s as if my head is spinning!), it’s almost miraculous to realize that your quiet, nurturing and fulfilling personal paradise exists only a small handful of hours away via a nearby jet plane.

    art+SOUL Vacation in Costa Rica with The Art Studio NY

    February 23 – March 2, 2014, Limited space available

    I’m leaving on a jet plane and I want you to join me and The Art Studio NY community for a week in Costa Rica that WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE. Get away from it ALL. Wake up to howling monkeys, find your bliss in the jungle, swim in the Caribbean, and unlock your creative expression with painting, drawing and mixed-media art classes, yoga classes, pure nature, snorkeling, pure white sand beaches, delicious gourmet food, eco-accommodations…. everything will be taken of for you. Your only job is to BE YOU and have fun, feel blissful and deeply relax. Yes, this is what you deserve, and I can’t wait to have this once in a lifetime experience with you.

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    Guest blog by Sherry Huang, a writer who also likes to dream in color. Follow her on Twitter @Sherendipitea & Instagram @Sherrenity.

    Back in May, I found myself at The Art Studio NY for the first time. A friend had discovered a Groupon promotion for a one-night BYOB painting class, and enticed by the idea of painting while drinking wine, we signed up for our first art class. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but once I put brush to canvas, I was transported to a place where nothing mattered except mixing paint, composing shapes, and layering color upon color. The instructor, Jake, was calm and laid-back, and he encouraged everyone to express themselves creatively. He showed helpful techniques and provided individual attention, making suggestions and insights without giving pressure. Best of all, he provided us the option to deviate from the provided image and paint anything we wanted.

    Some great things about the one-night classes: they’re affordable, everything is provided (acrylic paint, brushes, aprons, wine, etc.) except the canvas, and you don’t need to have any painting experience. The classes are all about discovering how you can interpret an image and transform a canvas into something that’s uniquely your own. There is never any criticism or judgment from anyone because painting is a personal journey. So far, I’ve taken four classes, and I’ve seen some spectacular paintings. I’ve been constantly amazed at how every single canvas really displays a painter’s personality and vision. I can’t wait to take more classes and continue to be inspired.

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    14-year-old Yvonne is a gifted artist who needs a loving family. “Nobody wants to be alone in the world,” shares Yvonne.

    I can’t get Yvonne off of my mind. Watch this video to learn why.

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    By Kirsten Trued, Sunday Spoils

    In New York City, it’s hard to find time for yourself. As a fellow yoga teacher, we are constantly running around and helping others be creative with their bodies, but my time at The Art Studio NY is a much needed personal spurt of creativity. From the moment I walked into The Art Studio NY, I knew that this was a special place, a refuge from the city and an oasis for my nerves.

    I joke that painting is cheaper than therapy, but it’s true.

    When I first started going to this art studio, I had only painted a couple of times, complete messes. But with the help and guidance of the amazing staff and fellow artists, my creativity blossomed and I started to take risks with my work to emphasize my uniqueness. At the beginning of each class, there is a meet-and-greet. It’s so nice to hear everyone’s story and know that we’re all in one place to be at ease and let our inner child shine once again.

    The environment at The Art Studio NY is encouraging and relaxed, where my friends and I are able to unwind, talk, drink and be creative. There’s nothing else better for a Tuesday evening!

    The Art Studio NY offers so many classes in multiple formats. I enjoy the 1-night wine and painting class night because I get to walk away with a finished piece that evening. Instant gratification that works with my schedule! This fall, they have introduced a pastel painting/drawing class on Sundays that I’m already signed up for. It’s a great season for new beginnings!

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    Ladies and gentleman, this is not your average New York City marriage proposal. Fasten your art aprons and prepare to take your paintbrush for the ride of your life. At the end of this painting class, he might just put a ring on it.

    I’ve always been a hopeless (or hopeful) romantic. Pair that with my passion for all things art & soul, and you get over 10 marriage proposals at The Art Studio NY in just one year. All resulting in a big YES, each newly engaged couple danced away with a diamond ring, ear to ear smiles, and “Will You Marry Me” artwork to cherish for a lifetime. Now if that’s not the most creative marriage proposal you’ve ever heard of… How did taking photos of other human beings at their happiest moments become NYC photographer Amber Marlow‘s thing? Inquiring minds should definitely read on.

    Rebecca: How does it feel to be so involved in others’ intimate life experiences?

    Amber: It’s wonderful! In fact, it’s the primary reason I’ve chosen to focus exclusively on smaller weddings: I get to share more fully in their joy. There have been elopements that are so small, I am the only witness and get to sign the marriage license. For portraits, going into someone’s home and seeing where they spend their days as a family feels very special. It’s an honor to see people creating and celebrating their families.

    Rebecca: Your grandmother’s wedding album played a role in your own career. How so?

    Amber: I love my grandmother’s wedding album. As a kid, it was fascinating to me that she looked so different from the way I knew her, and yet I could tell that it was her in the photos. We would look at it together, and the photos inspired her to tell me stories about this aunt or that cousin, and she would recall putting her dress on, cutting the cake, and how happy she was. It’s exciting to think that people’s grandchildren are one day going to be pouring over MY photography like that.

    Ready to pop the question? Contact The Art Studio NY to create a marriage proposal where the ONLY ANSWER IS YES. Contact: [email protected] or 212.932.8484

    Rebecca: Your photography captures intimate moments that usually don’t get captured on film. What’s your trick, and what do you look for during the photo shoot?

    Amber: I’m shamelessly nosey, so I watch for little moments that show true affection. For example, during a maternity photo shoot once, we were doing the “dad stands behind mom and both put their hands on her pregnant belly” shot. You know the one; you’ve seen it a hundred times. The couple thought that my camera was focused on her belly, but when I looked up and realized they were cheek to cheek and kind of nuzzling each other and grinning, totally not focused on me and super into each other, I took that photo instead. My instinct for knowing when special moments are about to happen has gotten really sharp. It’s a wonderful skill to walk through life with, even when there is no camera in my hands. I see the most wonderful things.

    Rebecca: You have now done two photo shoots of surprise art marriage proposals at The Art Studio NY. Tell me more about shooting these proposals and what emotions you experienced doing these shoots.

    Amber: It makes me giddy and nervous. Taking photos of what will likely be the most romantic moment of someone’s life while they have no idea it’s about to happen is so exciting. And remember how I’m shamelessly nosey? Seeing someone get proposed to up close is the best. After the big question, I have no qualms about snapping away, the couple generally doesn’t even notice I’m there. Then, I try to back off to give them a moment. I have never shot a proposal without getting teary eyed. This photographer is sappy!

    Rebecca: You shoot a lot of same-sex marriages. Tell me more about that.

    Amber: Since my wedding photography career really got started right around the same time marriage equality came to New York in summer 2011, I have a lot same-sex couples that invite me to photograph their weddings. It’s funny, sometimes people hire me last minute for a spontaneous elopement, and they’ll give me their names, but I still won’t know what combo of genders I’m going to get until we all meet up on the courthouse steps. “Jessica and Vanessa” were pretty clear, but “Jordan and Sam” could be anyone. That’s always fun, and it’s all the same to me. Love is love.

    Rebecca: What is the most challenging aspect of being a professional photographer?

    Amber: Feeling stuck as an artist. On my worst day, I take a better photo with my iPhone than most people take with their real cameras, but I always want to be better, and sometimes it feels like my skills have plateaued. Pushing through that is really hard, and knowing that there will always be room for improvement can feel overwhelming sometimes. Interestingly, though, that is also the biggest joy of making art: there’s always going to be something to aspire to.

    Rebecca: What advice do you have for budding photographers who want to turn their passion into profit?

    Amber: Take photos all the time. If you want to be a wedding photographer, bring your camera to every party you go to and share the photos with the host soon after. Offer your friends portrait sessions so they can have awesome Facebook profile photos. Find a wedding photographer you admire and second shoot with them for free. If you want to be an editorial photographer and take the kind photos they feature in Martha Stewart, find someone who dreams of being a stylist and create editorial stories to create and photograph together. Call a real estate agency and volunteer your services for listing photos. No matter what, make sure that you have savings, or else do your current job in tandem with photography until you can cross all the way into being a photographer full-time (keep in mind that this transition is really hard and trips a lot of people up). Have a good website that ends in .com, and learn the basics of SEO. Realize you are going to mess up a whole bunch of times, but it doesn’t count as failure unless you give up and quit.

    Rebecca: Describe the impression you want to make on the world (through your photography) in five words.

    Amber: “She tells the greatest stories.”

    Ready to pop the question? Contact The Art Studio NY to create a marriage proposal where the ONLY ANSWER IS YES. Contact: [email protected] or 212.932.8484 All photos in this blog post are by Amber Marlow, 2013. Contact photographer Amber Marlow at

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    Have you ever just “known” something, not because you learned it but because you sensed it? Welcome to the gift of your intuition, a gift inside you guaranteed to make your life easier, happier and more fulfilling.

    The average human being makes at least 612 decisions a day. This equals 4,900 decisions in a week and 254,800 in a year. While overloaded and overstimulated, we still need to navigate in our go-go-go culture.


    Practice these steps to strengthen your intuition:

    STOP. Commit to time with and for yourself. Don’t just do something, sit there! Relax into an art class at The Art Studio NY and allow your stress to fade. Breath a little deeper and schedule ongoing pauses daily and weekly.

    LISTEN to the conversations your mind has. Just listen, don’t judge. After your mind has some air time, notice the guidance

    LET GO of perfection. Let go of needing to be right. Make room for the new ideas that want to whisper through you.

    TRUST YOURSELF. No one can guide you better than YOU. Take action on the guidance that speaks from within you.

    Two students in their private art class relax, STOP AND LISTEN, as they tap into their intuition and express their art and soul.

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    Everything new is scary. Do you avoid new experiences because of fear?

    If you said no, you’re lying. Everyone does.

    HERE’S A SECRET TO REMEMBER: EVERYONE is afraid of anything new.

    Original Painting by Rebecca Schweiger

    I can’t count how many times I’ve heard someone in my art studio say, “I’ve wanted to take a painting class for years, but I’m sooo afraid!” or “I am longing to explore my self-expression, but I’m so afraid. I can’t figure out where to start!”

    What’s with the fear?! It’s simple. Your brain responds to any new experience with the fight or flight method. Even if you are 100% sure you will enjoy something new, your brain will still respond with a fear response. It’s just the way our human bodies were created. Do you allow this feeling to scare you away from what you want? DON’T.

    The trick? Fear is just a passing feeling, just like an itch on your face or a tingle in your toe. Train yourself to feel the fear and do it anyway, and you will set yourself up for success. Get to know the feeling of fear, bring it along for the ride for a short period of time, and watch how it will dissipate as you passively accept a few extra anxious heartbeats.

    Afraid of a painting class? Fear no more. In this FREE painting video, learn about what you need to stART painting, and kiss that fear goodbye once and for all.


    Don’t let fear stop you. It is only a temporary feeling that will pass as soon as your brain learns that what you’ve chosen as “new” is indeed safe.

    Stay tuned for more FREE art class videos from The Art Studio NY ( Are you interested in live streaming art classes from the comforts of home (wearing pajamas, of course)? Make sure to leave a comment below or email us at [email protected]

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    …to get down and dirty with paint? Enjoy a series of FREE art classes from New York City… right in your living room. Wear your pajamas, sip some hot tea (or wine…), and nurture your creative spirit. I’d love your feedback! Share with me what you learned in this video, and sign up to receive ongoing FREE videos at!

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    13-Jan-2018 06:02 PM

    Meagan Elizabeth Vazquetelles

    Cool website!
    30-May-2018 05:53 PM

    Kymberly S burns

    Thank you
    04-Aug-2018 10:57 PM


    hey how do we know what to get to do this me and my mom wanna have a girls night doing this sounds so much fun
    28-Sep-2018 11:37 PM


    Cant wait to go through the classes and share what ive learnt with the other participants

    “Return again, return again, return to the land of your soul.” 
    -S. Carlebach 

    It’s no secret that art makes us feel alive. Art is the magical potion that brings meaning, fulfillment and wonder to every age and culture from the beginning of time. The cavemen knew just what they were doing when they etched into those caves! 

    This summer, I returned again to the land of my soul. I returned to my art studio in New York, I returned to my daily painting practice, and I returned to what makes me feel so, so alive. Painting makes me come alive. As August comes to a close and we enter a new month, ask yourself: WHAT MAKES ME COME ALIVE? Put your excuses aside (I don’t have the time, I don’t have the money, I don’t have xyz) and DO what makes YOU come alive. That’s why you’re here on earth. Period. 

    I’m not the only one who returned to the land of my soul this summer. I was joined by dozens of budding artists, children and adults alike, who took action on returning to their joy. Art has a way of bringing smiles and grace to those to dare to paint. In our children’s art classes and art camps in New York City, kids brought the playful inspirational that defines “coming alive”. The artwork they created could blow your mind. Children are hardwired to follow their bliss, kids naturally do what makes them come alive. 

    Rekindle your inner-fire and commit to doing one thing that makes you come ALIVE. Leave a comment below and inspire others as you share what makes YOU come alive.

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    Green leafy vegetables, a good night’s sleep, and… art. Art isn’t just a hobby, it’s a must. Did you know that ART is vital for your child’s health? The benefits of art are scientifically proven. Here are our top 10 reasons why every child needs ART in his/her life.


    1. Children master communication skills through art. Art provides an opportunity to share important feelings that cannot be expressed verbally.

    2. Art fosters positive self-esteem by allowing children to express their individuality and uniqueness. Art creates a feeling of accomplishment that children take pride in.

    3. As children explore creatively, they experiment and thus discover new assessments and solutions. This “how” and “why” thinking of art builds problem-solving skills along with out-of-the-box thinking skills.

    4. Self-expression is an intrinsic human need. Through art, children express their true, authentic selves freely in a healthy, safe and nurturing environment.

    5. Art classes are social and engaging. Art gives children an opportunity to build their social skills through creative play, sharing, and enjoying one another’s artwork.

    6. Art is a form of relaxation and meditation. Your child is able to relax and relieve stress while having FUN!

    7. Creative learning is directly linked to the overall health of children’s brain development.

    8. Art enhances focus and memory. Art classes are even linked to higher test scores!

    9. Art is directly related to enhanced fine motor skills. Creating specific brushstrokes, cutting small collage papers and a variety of other artistic techniques teach children the art of fine motor skills.

    10. Art offers children a lesson in safe, healthy, “unplugged” FUN. With art, children unplug from technology and learn how to plug into the joy of good, wholesome fun.

    By: Rebecca Schweiger, Founder of The Art Studio NY & Internationally Renowned Artist. The Art Studio NY offers inspiring children’s art classes, birthday parties and art camps all year round. CLICK HERE to bring art to your child!

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    18-Nov-2015 04:04 PM

    kids party in brooklyn

    No doubt, creative activities are vital to providing a well-rounded education for our kids.

    To every season, change. To every day, change. As the artist of your life, you have the freedom to choose how you respond and interact with change. An artist, you have creative power in every moment. Do you accept change? Do you fight change? Do you embrace change? Do you fear change?

    Nature is one of my greatest spiritual teachers. Star-filled night skies remind me of the bigger picture of life, and I’m filled with freedom as I remember just how small I am (I’m a speck on the earth!). The endless waves of the ocean remind me of the part I play in our collective lives (you are a wave, too!). And, this very summer, just last week, the sunset became my spiritual teacher of change.

    As I watched nature’s nightly sunset “art exhibition” by the ocean, my jaw dropped. Within every single 24 hours, the sky’s colorful palette never looked so different. While our life-giving glowing orb disappeared behind the horizon, the earth before me was anew, unique, awe-inspiring. Like a painting, each night’s colors and textures were completely different from the night before and the night to follow. Every 24-hours, the artistic masterpiece called “earth” changed before my eyes.

    Change is inevitable. As the artist of your life, the sun will always set. This week, find the true beauty in change. Explore the excitement and endless possibility in your life’s changes. See each change as the unique masterpiece it truly is, and be the artist that engages with change through curiosity, courage and creativity. You have the power to embrace and harness the creative power of change. Go forth!

    This being human is a guest house.
    Every morning a new arrival.

    A joy, a depression, a meanness,
    some momentary awareness comes
    as an unexpected visitor.

    Welcome and entertain them all!
    Even if they are a crowd of sorrows,
    who violently sweep your house
    empty of its furniture,
    still, treat each guest honorably.
    He may be clearing you out
    for some new delight.

    The dark thought, the shame, the malice.
    meet them at the door laughing and invite them in.

    Be grateful for whatever comes.
    because each has been sent
    as a guide from beyond.

    — Jelaluddin Rumi,
    translation by Coleman Barks

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    18-Nov-2015 01:14 PM


    LOVE this!

    Rena DeLevie The Roundtable Business(TM) When heart and business unite, profits soar

    [email protected] (917) 362-0061
    18-Nov-2015 01:14 PM

    Rebecca Schweiger

    Thank you, Rena! I am so happy you enjoyed this heART-inspired post. Sending you the courage to embrace change!
    18-Nov-2015 01:16 PM


    Life’s ever-present lesson is change or where there is the lack thereof. Your images do your words justice and then some. Our Mother Earth is truly something to behold, to honor, and indeed to learn from. Very deep poem by Rumi. Thank you Art Whisperer.

    “Love yourself – accept yourself – forgive yourself – and be good to yourself, because without you the rest of us are without a source of many  wonderful things.” -Leo Buscaglia

    3 Guaranteed Ways to Boost YOUR Confidence With ART.

    1. CARVE OUT TIME FOR YOURSELF: When you create “me time” to fulfill your needs and desires, you’re proclaiming, “I’m important. I am deserving of time for myself.” By acknowledging your need for personal time, you send a strong message of self-worth to yourself and others.

    2. CREATE SOMETHING: Studies show that when we create something (such as art!), our brain chemistry changes in feel-good ways. With creativity comes accomplishment (a natural self-confidence booster). Consider taking an art class in New York City or in your local community to boost your creative feel-good muscles.

    3. EXPRESS WHO YOU ARE: Wear your true colors on your sleeve. Give yourself permission to BE YOU and express who you are. By freely expressing your inner-humanness, you practice the most important confidence-booster of all time, self-acceptance. There is nothing like ART to express, and embrace, your unique spirit.

    Bonus: Check out this bestseller by renowned New York City psychotherapist Dr. Ingrid Schweiger, Self-Esteem for a Lifetime: Raising a Successful Child from the Inside Out!

    Creative homework: NOW, choose one of the creative confidence boosting tips above. Commit to practicing one tip for 5 minutes a day, every day, for one week. You are worth it! Share below which you chose, and inspire others just by BEING YOU and expressing the masterpiece that you are.

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    18-Nov-2015 01:00 PM

    James Oliver Development

    So true!

    When a 20’s-something,open-eyed young woman strolled into The Art Studio NY one year ago, I would have never guessed how her life would transform. One New York City summer later, art has changed Amanda’s life in ways she could not have imagined.

    Amanda Heidel purchased a beginner’s painting class via Groupon to The Art Studio NY with her three 20-something New York City gal pals.

    I sensed Amanda’s passion for painting immediately. Clocking in by day with corporate advertising, Amanda’s true colors exploded by the end of her 2-hour painting class. She was beaming on and off the canvas. Something had awakened within.

    I suggested that Amanda register for our tailor-made next level art class, FOR THE NEXT LEVEL: PAINTING, DRAWING AND MIXED-MEDIA LEVEL II with art instructor Edward Holland, and she jumped at the opportunity. One year after Amanda’s beginner painting class, she now has her first solo art exhibition in New York City (not an easy feat). Read on and get a creative peak into Amanda’s 1-year journey from Groupon to Gallery success.

    Rebecca: Tell me about your experience at The Art Studio NY. How has it enriched your life?

    Amanda: The Art Studio NY has completely changed my life for the better in so many ways. I have met incredible people, experienced amazing things, and have learned so much and am continuing to do so. The Art Studio NY has helped me learn how to become comfortable with the feeling of being uncomfortable.

    Rebecca: What does it mean to you to be an artist?

    Amanda: The ability to speak to people in such a unique and beautiful way without ever saying a word.

    Rebecca: What was going on in your life that encouraged you to take an art class in the first place?

    Amanda: I had been struggling for a while with trying to figure out who I really was and what I was meant to do with my life. I wanted to explore my options, but I was having a hard time finding my way. I drove myself mad trying to figure out how to transfer my unique ideas and concepts (that existed in my head) into an art form that made sense. I felt very frustrated. The Art Studio NY supported me with encouragement, art instruction and patience. I was then able to push through, keep moving forward and better myself, my life and my self-expression.

    Rebecca: Do you ever feel afraid that you will “mess up” something you’re creating? If you mess up what do you do about it?

    Amanda: Of Course! I think that everyone is afraid of messing up, but art is not about perfection, so I do not look at mistakes as messing up. The mistakes or accidents in art are often really beautiful. If I make a bold move and realize that it may not have been the best move, I just see it as a way to work harder. I am then challenged to come up with creative solutions. Challenging myself and working through these difficulties helps me overcome other obstacles in life. As I continue to learn, grow, and evolve for the better, knowing that nothing is perfect, I embrace imperfection and becoming okay with what is in front of me.

    Rebecca: What made you decide to exhibit your artwork? What is your goal for exhibiting your artwork?

    Amanda: My goal for this art exhibit is to reach as many people as I can through my artwork. I hope to brighten someone else’s day and invite them to forget their worries and problems as they become lost in my artwork. I want to inspire others to live their life the way they were meant to live it, and I wish for others to follow their intuition to achieve inner-harmony. The path to achieve this may not always be so inspiring, but the creative solutions that emerge from within you will be grand.

    Rebecca: You are about to have your first solo exhibition in NYC, which is a huge accomplishment. Tell me about your exhibit and how it feels to reveal your artwork to the world.

    Amanda: Handwerk is German for the word craft. I chose this name because I am German and I love crafts. The exhibit is a series of map paintings, wall hangings, and folk art. Handwerk represents the idea of acceptance and transformation- taking what is not and making it what it is. I will be actively working in the art gallery space throughout the 3 weeks, so expect new, exciting, and interesting surprises to explore!

    Rebecca: What do you fear the most both in your artwork and in your life?

    Amanda: I fear the feeling of being unbalanced. Balance both in my life and in my artwork is very important.

    Rebecca: What is your grandest dream?

    Amanda: I want to travel the world, see new things, meet interesting people, draw inspiration from other cultures and curate materials from all over. I want to express myself through art.

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    18-Nov-2015 12:50 PM


    Wow! This is awesome and you’re art is beautiful!!! I can’t believe all of the weeks and hours you’ve spent working on this and how unbelievably amazing it turned out….you should be very, very proud of yourself.
    18-Nov-2015 12:50 PM

    Mary Jo Coggeshall

    Amanda, your desire to inspire others is wonderful and your handwerk is amazing! We’re looking forward to being able to own a piece of your art!
    18-Nov-2015 12:51 PM


    Amanda, I was so impressed by your artwork…but didn’t expect anything less. Your pieces are too beautiful to go unnoticed. I am so proud of you and happy you are following your dreams.